October 26, 2016

Collegiate Perspective: Always Wearing our Letters

As fall sets in and the cold, Wisconsin weather starts to turn frigid, the girls of the Delta Kappa chapter know temperature isn’t any reason to sacrifice fashion! In addition to always looking our best, something that’s important to our chapter is representation. We realize that we’re always wearing our letters, whether they’re clearly visible or not. It’s something we teach our new members as soon as they’re initiated. This is important since Alpha Phis are such a small (but growing!) percentage of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse campus, and we know it’s vital to give the best impression we can.

A little cold weather never stopped any true Midwesterner from dressing their best. In fact, Chapter President Bre Vey often prescribes to the motto, “Dress good, feel good, do good,” especially since achieving her position last spring. In fact, she actually accredits a lot of her daily confidence to being a member of Alpha Phi. Bre shared with me how she’s developed as a person because of Alpha Phi and how it’s allowed to have experiences that helped her character development that she would never have had before joining during her freshman year.
“Just being in my position, knowing that I’m leading my entire chapter, I’ve been able to open up and be confident. I love going up to new people and sharing my experience in Alpha Phi and I want them to feel as passionate about Greek Life as I do. When I first started, I wouldn’t have been able to do that.” Vey said. She also talked about how before she became President, clothing wasn’t always the first thing she thought of, especially on an exam day. But now, Bre wants to showcase herself as a campus leader, someone who is always put together and looking her best, even when things get tough.

While a large part of most of our chapter’s fall and winter wardrobe consists of leggings, scarves and other comfy clothing, we definitely loves to shine during any formal event. From gorgeous, glittery floor length dresses at formal to adorable flowered rompers during meetings, our girls know what to wear. ”A good outfit can really make your day. I feel like everyone just notices you more and you suddenly have way more confidence in yourself,” says Jade, an Alpha Phi junior at LaCrosse.  

Not only does a great outfit give you more confidence, but it’s also one way that many members bond. A quick compliment from an older member as they walk past each other on campus can make their day and a borrowed red dress, feather boa or red white and blue top from a new pledge class sister can create the beginning of a friendship that lasts for years.

All of these ways in which we express ourselves as Alpha Phis make up a part of who we are. We dress for success and wear our letters constantly because it expresses how proud we are to be a member of this organization. We’re always showing the world that we’re more than just a group of women who meet a couple of times a week and hangs out together all the time. We’re strong, intelligent, beautiful, unique, outgoing, innovative, passionate, caring and a thousand other adjectives, and we are trying to make a positive difference in the world. When I asked senior and Panhellenic President Dana Hungness what about Alpha Phi makes her feel most confident, she said that “being surrounded by people who I know support me. I feel like I can do anything, conquer anything, when I’m surrounded by the right group of people, Alpha Phis. And a good outfit never hurts.” 

Whether we throw on a hoodie with our letters splashed across the back, or carefully choose the perfect dress and heels ensemble, UW-L Alpha Phis wear more than just their clothing. We wear the expectations that we constantly strive to live up to, the letters that have given us a family away from home, and the confidence that shows that with our sisters, we are supported, loved and an amazing group of women.

Ellie Brown is a collegiate member at the Delta Kappa chapter at University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. To learn more about Ellie, click here.

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