April 20, 2016

Collegiate Perspective: Importance of Sorority Women Performing Community Service

Through Alpha Phi Foundation, hundreds of Red Dress Galas and the multiple philanthropy events chapters host throughout the year, Alpha Phi is well-known for raising millions of dollars annually. While Alpha Phi’s philanthropic focus includes women’s heart health, I have found that many of my sisters’ passions lie in other diverse causes. Ranging from College Mentors for Kids to Answers for Autism, directing our passions to various causes allows us to exercise different parts of our skills and have life-changing experiences.

As sorority women, we stand as role models and pioneers for female leadership, going above and beyond within our chapter and our community. Service is one of our core values but it is much more than simply volunteering. Performing community service together as members of Alpha Phi is what allows us to foster memories and meaningful bonds. Each opportunity we have to be a part of our community is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, bring people together, gain professional experience and encourage civic responsibility. These very aspects are the values of our sisterhood and it shows the various ways we can grow from giving back to our house and community.

The common bond of Scholarship-
Through our experience of service, we are simultaneously reaching for education, knowledge and achievement. We can improve upon our skills or learn new ones that are vital to our success as female leaders of future generations.

Pioneering Leadership-
By immersing ourselves in service that we are passionate about, we often become inspired and motivated. Our inspiration provides opportunities to encourage one another to reach and strive for innovative and significant developments. This freedom to grow is carried with us in day to day activities from going to class in the morning and inspiring our sisters at home.

High expectations for Character -
In being a part of something bigger than us, we are challenging our social norms and fostering qualities that separate us from others. Through action and diligence, we are leading by example and empowering women to do the same. In turn, we are becoming more self-confident and versatile individuals prepared for life’s twists and turns.

As inspired sorority women, we have the potential to harness our strength in numbers and to immerse ourselves in service to both each other and the community.  Alpha Phi provides opportunities for young women to discover their skills and be amongst a supportive system that will last through joy and obstacles. Through service, we have the opportunity to give back to the things that helped us become who we are today. Through our sisterhood, we can make significant changes. I invite you to take part today.

Caitie Santo is a collegiate member at Butler University (Epsilon Beta).

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