July 31, 2015

Inside the EO: Kristen Douglass

What is your name? Kristen Douglass

Where are you originally from? Orono, Maine

Where did you attend college and what chapter were you a part of there? I attended the University of Maine and I was a member of the Delta Nu chapter.

What was your major in college? I received a degree in New Media and minored in Studio Art and Graphic Design.

What was your plan post-graduation? My senior year of college I started my own media production company with a friend of mine, so my plan was, and still is, to continue to run my business and have a career in the marketing world.

Why did you decide to work for Alpha Phi International Fraternity? I decided to work for Alpha Phi because a position opened that fit the field I wanted to go into (marketing.) Having the opportunity to work in this field, as well as for the Fraternity that I am so passionate about seemed like the perfect fit for my future.

What is your job title? Program Coordinator of Marketing and Communications. 

How long have you been working for Alpha Phi? I started this position in July 2015. 

What is your favorite memory of Alpha Phi—as a collegian, alumna, or staff member? My favorite Alpha Phi memory would have to be attending the Fellows Program as a part of the inaugural class. I’ve always loved traveling for Alpha Phi whether it was for a leadership conference, ELI or Fellows. Having the opportunity to represent my chapter on a national level is a very rewarding experience.

What do you like best about working at the Executive Office/What drew you to work at the Executive Office? I love the environment and the people I work with, it’s so much fun being able to use my degree and continue to contribute to Alpha Phi. 

What are some of your goals for the next few years? I hope to grow my business, travel, read more books and try new food. I’m excited about having the opportunity to live in a city like Chicago because there is so much to do!

Do you have any advice for current collegiate members? Involve yourself as much as possible, whether it’s running for positions in your chapter or applying to go to ELI or the Fellows Program. Four years go by so quickly and you’ll want to take advantage of all of the opportunities Alpha Phi can provide for you as a collegiate! Plus who doesn’t like meeting sisters from across the nation? Some of my closest Alpha Phi sisters were members in chapters all the way across the country. 

July 29, 2015

Alumnae Volunteer Perspective: Reflecting on the Alpha Phi Experience

As I reflect back on my years as an Alpha Phi alumnae, I can truly say that these are some of the best years of my life. While my experiences as a collegian were amazing, being an alumnae has been even more enriching. I’ve found a passion within my career, searched for jobs, networked in a corporate setting, and volunteered as an advisor. These experiences are similar to ones many Alpha Phi’s will go through. Alpha Phi is a family, a community, and no matter where you end up after college or university you will always have a home in Alpha Phi. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to give back as an alumna to an organization that has helped shape me as a leader, philanthropist and scholar. 

When I think back to my time as a collegian, and those opportunities I had to network and engage in conversations with alumnae may be some of my best memories. These women have become role models for me even after my collegiate days. Collaboration between collegians and alumnae is an opportunity to see the progress Alpha Phi has made, how your legacy lived on in a chapter, and ultimately move the fraternity forward for future generations. Alumnae events or having alumnae present at events is an opportunity to see the changes within a chapter, to network with successful leaders in Alpha Phi and discuss career and future aspirations with women who were once in your shoes. 

You may remember the challenges of organizing successful events as a collegian or how stressful exams could be. As an alumnae you have the opportunity to give back to the 164 collegiate chapters in North America. As an advisor or a collegiate member, why not get connected with a local alumnae chapter and see how these women can help? Maybe it’s creating study bags to distribute  during exams, or supporting philanthropy events financially or by attending, maybe it’s even attending initiation, or donating items for the house or recruitment. These are all small things that can help a great deal. For collegiate chapters, don’t forget to invite your alumnae to events. 

One thing that has always stuck out to me is, why wouldn’t you want to get alumnae involved with a collegiate chapter? Alumnae can inspire and encourage collegiate members to aspire for something greater. Alpha Phi is a community, getting engaging in conversations between alumnae and collegians will allow each to expand their social and professional network – you’re giving members opportunity to meet amazing women with diverse interests in both alumnae and collegiate chapters. The start of the school year is quickly approaching, so there is no time like the present to embrace this connection.

Take this opportunity to give back to something that has given you a lifetime of memories. As an alumnae get involved with a collegiate chapter and make a difference. 

I look forward to hearing about all the collegiate and alumnae events this year and seeing how alumnae are supporting our 164 amazing collegiate chapters. 

Emily Campbell  (Theta Eta-Western University)
Chapter Advisor – Theta Eta-Western University
Alumnae Chapter President – Southwestern Ontario Alumnae Chapter
Alumnae Chapter Administrator – East Quadrant

July 24, 2015

Featured Product Friday: Pineapple Boxy Tee

Pineapples are all the rage this summer! This design features a pineapple Alpha Phi pattern on a flowy Boxy tee. Great for hot summer days!