December 23, 2015

Collegiate Perspective: The Unofficial Commandments of Being a Little Sister

When I became a little sister, or sometimes called “little”, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know that someone who was just a stranger, could become one of the most influential and important people in my life. My big sister, or “big” has impacted my life in more ways than I can count and for that I am forever thankful. Through gaining the title of “little”, I felt it was my duty to do everything I could to be the best little I could be. I didn’t realize how much of an integral part of my life my big became until thinking about a day without her, was impossible. She is someone who is always there for me whenever and wherever I need it, and every day I strive to be that for her. I hope to be just as much her lifeline as she is mine. 

I believe there is an unofficially list of commandments that each and every little follows, even if they don’t know it. 
  • You will vow to put nothing less than 100% into every gift, T-shirt and canvas that you will inevitably craft. 
  • You shall always be ready to take cliché big and little pictures everywhere you go.
  • You must become her fashionista when she has an important date with the cutest guy from her class. She will abduct your wardrobe and you will let her.
  • You shall always have a full tank of gas for spontaneous adventures to places like Sonic and Target. Along with a full playlist for the ride there. The car ride is half the fun of it.
  • You must always stand up for her when things don’t go as planned. Be her advocate and her best friend when life gives her lemons. She shouldn’t make lemonade alone. 
  • You shall always be her number one fan. It is your job now, to motivate her to run faster and push harder, and to always be proud of her no matter the outcome.
  • You shall always be ready with chocolate and ice cream when the occasional disaster occurs. No words can calm her down, that is the job of processed sugar.
  • You shall cherish the days with her. The late nights and early mornings. The time goes by quickly, but the relationship you have built out of countless funny stories and great memories, will last forever. 
Rylee Portman is a collegiate member at Northern Colorado (Delta Gamma). Learn more about Rylee by clicking here.

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