December 2, 2015

Collegiate Perspective: Single Sentence Challenge

I want to reflect back on an assignment I did for my social media class last semester. 

In this class each student was required to set up their own blog and write weekly blog posts based off of topics our professor assigned to us (props to Dr. Carol Zuegner, she’s the best). 

There was one assignment in particular that really stood out to me, named “What’s my sentence?” or what I like to call, the absurdly difficult single sentence challenge. 

The assignment is based off of a video from the best selling author Daniel Pink. The video states, “a great man is a sentence”. Meaning that a single sentence should be able to convey the core being of an individual. In other words, a sentence that encompasses what you would want someone to remember you by. 

For some people, articulating their sentence is a piece of cake. But for many, a lot of time is taken considering what to include about yourself in the sentence. Where do you start? Your values, character, what you want to be when you grow up, what you hope to achieve, how you help others, etc. It truly does take some time to prioritize what you value as most important. 

Why is doing this challenge important? This challenge helped me start the process of identifying how I perceive myself, who I want to be, and how others see me. Being able to construct this sentence helped me to focus everything I do according to my values and what I want to achieve in life. It motivates me and guides my everyday actions. Plus, it’s cool to have a back pocket elevator speech for yourself!

After many attempts and changes, my sentence is: She motivates others to be the best version of themselves and makes others feel important.

I hope you try to construct your own sentence sometime. It will definitely help you in interviews and in life. Thank you everyone for reading my blog posts this semester! Happy Holidays! 

Darshana Panchal is a collegiate member at Creighton (Theta Delta) . Learn more about Darshana by clicking here.

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