November 16, 2015

On the Road: Oh…The Places You’ll Go

As an educational leadership consultant the places you’ll go are places you never thought you would.  You’re off to a place far from home and the only sure thing is an Alpha Phi chapter awaits your arrival.

The smiles that greet you are some I will never forget and the experiences I have had are irreplaceable. From long recruitment nights to numerous airline flights, the one thing that remains constant is the group of twenty one girls around North America that have quickly become your best friends. It’s much like a small Alpha Phi chapter that travels and shares one common bond, the road. A bond only few share and one that is never forgotten. Although our time on the road is short, our friendships will last a lifetime.

Whether you are an educational leadership consultant, volunteer or a collegiate member, Alpha Phi will take you many places. Whether that be to the Emerging Leaders Institute, Leadership Conferences or even Convention, there are countless places your Alpha Phi chapter will take you. Those places, the people around you and the memories you share with Alpha Phi will remain with you.

As many initiations are happening around North America, I am grateful to travel and share the bond that Alpha Phi has given me with so many sisters around the country. Your Alpha Phi experience may take you down so many different roads, however, those roads may lead you to the unexpected. I never expected to meet so many amazing people or travel to so many places and I am grateful for Alpha Phi. What road will you take with Alpha Phi?

Katie Dunn (Beta Psi-San Jose State) is a first year educational leadership consultant. Learn more about Courtney by clicking here.

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