October 9, 2015

A Message from Alpha Phi International Fraternity’s Executive Director

Since its inception, Alpha Phi has been an organization that has never tolerated racial discrimination. This steadfastness has been reinforced this week, as many of our alumnae across the globe have written in concern to ensure that Alpha Phi remains an organization that is true to this ideal and have professed their personal support and reinforcement to that end.

College students make mistakes and it is our role as alumnae to help them correct those mistakes and learn from them such that they become stronger, better women.  Our Founders sought “to aid each other through a constant watchcare shown by mutual criticism, sometimes perhaps severe, but always given in love.”  You can be assured that Alpha Phi International will continue to provide our chapters and members that make mistakes with the appropriate reproof and correction, and we will also continue to enhance the training materials related to cultural appropriation and human dignity that we provide to our officers and chapter members.

We are proud of our history and will never waiver from our ideals.

Linda Wells Kahangi (Zeta Delta-Iowa State) is the executive director of Alpha Phi International Fraternity

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