September 28, 2015

On the Road: That ELC Feeling

As a collegian, I always adored the ELCs that visited my chapter. Every ELC I met spoke so highly of their job and explained why they were so happy traveling for Alpha Phi International. I never quite understood how traveling with one suitcase to a different school every week could be so exhilarating. As the application deadline came closer in my final year of college, I knew I wanted to apply. After attending the interview weekend and being offered the position, I was nothing less than ecstatic! I knew I had a big year ahead of me and was anticipating this amazing feeling I would experience working as an ELC.

I’m happy to share that it did not take me long to experience that special feeling past ELCs had told me about. There is something wonderful about working as an ELC that you cannot get from any other job. It is the feeling of excitement when you receive your schedule of visits. It is the feeling of frustration when you get lost in your rental car for two straight hours. It is the feeling of complete ridiculousness when you’re running around the airport with clothes hanging from your arms because your suitcase was over 50 pounds. It is the feeling you get when the couple sitting next to you on a long flight mention how you slept the entire time. It is the feeling you get when something so peculiar happens that you know it will be a great story to tell one day (because at that moment it probably is not funny). It is the feeling of sensing relief from a room full of women who place their trust in you to strengthen their chapter. It is the feeling of gratitude when the women in the room are tired but continue to provide their undivided attention. It is the feeling of accomplishment when you successfully complete a week of recruitment with 100 happy women. It is the feeling of pleasure when a chapter member tells you that you are doing a great job and it’s the pat on the back at just the right time. It is the feeling of pure happiness when you make new friendships with sisters from all over the country! Most importantly, it is the feeling of appreciation when you leave a chapter who has taught you as much as you have taught them.

I am now one of those ELCs who has one suitcase and travels to a different school every week. I now understand, exactly, the exhilarating feeling everyone talks about when working as an Educational Leadership Consultant. This feeling makes it all worthwhile.

Sydney Berger (Beta Epsilon/Arizona) is a first year educational leadership consultant. Learn more about Sydney by clicking here.

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