May 17, 2015

Alumnae Volunteer Perspective: You’re Graduating – What Does that Mean for Your Involvement in Alpha Phi?

Alpha Phi is for life, yet what does that really mean after graduation? Alpha Phi has consumed so much of your college days, does it mean that you have to keep that level of involvement?

It’s totally up to you. There are so many ways you can remain engaged with Alpha Phi for the rest of your life, but it also depends on what else you have going on.

When I first joined Alpha Phi it was to meet more women on campus. You see, I was a commuter student and never lived in dorms. Alpha Phi gave me the socialization that I needed while in college. Very soon after college, I relocated and was focused on building my career. I wasn't interested in anything Alpha Phi right away. However, after a while, and with the local alumnae chapter's persistence, I attended my first event. It was fun to re-engage with women from my area. I started attending on a regular basis and gained a great group of new friends.

When I moved to California 15 years ago, the very first person I met was an Alpha Phi. It was such a fun chance meeting, but it made an impact. She took me to a founder’s day event and from there I met sisters who connected me to other sisters who remain my closest local friends. I now travel for my job and love that I can reach out through social media to find sisters who are willing to keep me company for dinner.

Over the years, I've watched sisters come and go with their level of activity in alumnae life. Some decide to take a break after college, while others remain consistently active. Often as careers or families build up, involvement with Alpha Phi decreases. However at some point, we see these sisters return to attending alumnae events or taking volunteer positions. They've missed Alpha Phi and will seek out ways to stay involved.

We see recent graduates jumping right in and volunteering on chapter advisory boards as well as on alumnae chapter leadership teams. Other times, it's just an occasional alumnae social event that keeps you engaged. If you're a new alumna member and are wondering how to stay involved here are some ideas:

Alpha Phi is truly for life and will be ready and waiting for your involvement – when the time is right for you.

Karen Siegel Fitting (Eta Alpha-New Hampshire) is an alumnae engagement manager in the western quadrant. She has served our alumnae in many capacities, and Alpha Phi thanks her for her service.

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