April 9, 2015

Collegiate Perspective: The Power of Networking

Alpha Phi is an organization that offers its members countless incredible opportunities. You can take on a leadership position within your chapter, become a chapter advisor as an alumna, attend leadership conferences, or even attend the biennial Convention. You can and will learn about yourself, and blossom as an individual. You’ll come to understand your strengths and your weaknesses, which will ultimately prepare you for various opportunities life has to offer.

What has been especially significant for me as a collegian, and now as a recent alumna, has been the ability to build connections and networks! Ever since I joined Alpha Phi, I have been the type of member to take on any and all opportunities that were available, which has significantly enhanced my time within this organization. Initially, my Alpha Phi network began to expand after I attended the Emerging Leaders Institute, having met sisters from as far as Santa Barbara and Florida. My network grew even more after I was accepted into the Leadership Fellows Program last summer.

These connections are more than just sisterly bonds; many of these women I consider to be mentors. I not only found good company and women with similar interests, but I also learned skills I can use in my professional life – like the appropriate way to present yourself, or simply being confident in my own skin. The more you put yourself out there during your collegiate years, the more you will get out of your experience. I am so thankful for taking advantage of these experiences, because it has led me to meet and learn valuable lessons from inspiring individuals.

As I've recently become an alumna of Alpha Phi, I intend on continuing to embrace my network and maintain the relationships I've developed. I know that as I take on postgraduate studies and the development of my career, those who I've met along the way will continue to motivate and push me to shoot for my goals and to do what makes me happy.

Cassie Caranci is a collegiate member at Western University (Theta Eta). Learn more about Cassie by clicking here.

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