April 23, 2015

Collegiate Perspective: Get Crafty!

Being in a large chapter certainly has its perks. With 100+ new sisters that means 100+ new friends, study buddies, role models, wardrobes and maybe even a few of your future bridesmaids. However, with 100+ new sisters it can be challenging to meet everyone, resulting in the Big/Little Sister reveal, aka one of the best days of your Alpha Phi experience! What’s more exciting than getting a special big and little sister to call your very own?

Now we all love to make our big and little sisters feel welcome, so what better way than to craft them something special from the heart? One of the best parts about homemade crafts is they are easy to customize, so you can make each as unique as the sister you are giving it too.

Speaking as someone who is not very crafty, I like to keep my gifts simple, but still fun. Some ideas to consider may be decorating a Mason jar or painting cute puzzle pieces that connect with your names on them. With summer right around the corner it is the perfect time to make your sister a simple frame with your favorite picture together in it, or perhaps decorate some fun letters that she can take with her home or to a summer internship. Something thoughtful and simple to remind her near or far, you’re always family.

Remember, you do not always need a special occasion to remind your little or big sister how special they are to you; sometimes it’s the little surprises when they least expect it that really make a difference. Maybe your big sister has graduated and you want to mail her a reminder of how much she still means to you – there is always an excuse to craft something unique to remind your sisters how much you care.

Pictured are some easy and fun ideas and inspiration for gifts you can make for those in your Phi Family! Have fun and happy crafting; I hope these inspire you to make a few summer farewell gifts of your own!

Jamie Chamberlain is a collegiate member at Iowa State (Zeta Delta). Learn more about Jamie by clicking here.

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