April 17, 2015

Alumnae Volunteer Perspective: What Do I Say but THANKS!

Through volunteering for Alpha Phi, I have made many close friends of all ages; more than I can count. For that, I cannot say thank you enough.

I would not have felt the warmth from the smiles of Judy Kay Mead and Patty Hendrickson.

I would not have known the elegant, genuine friendship of Darcel Weller and Val Lawlor.

I would not have experienced the free spirits and truly fun personalities of Amy Tvrdik, Shana Smith, Michelle Thompson and Sheila Bright.

I would not have witnessed and experienced the recruitment expertise of Laura Malley Schmitt, Courtney Schultz, Stacey Daniel, Linda Schnetzer and Renee Zainer. Masters of making Alpha Phi great!

I would not have met and experienced the dedication of such outstanding women like Phyllis Sims Selig, Sally Grant, Crista Vasina, Ann Carstensen, Linda Boland, Susan McNeice and Deana Gage.

I would not have had the privilege to work with Jandy Thompson, Betty Jo Fuller, Tanya Herndon, Jen Larson, Stefania Rudd, Megan Bouche, Jennifer Frobish, Kary Huffman, Denise Reens and J.D. Louk.

I would not have met ELC greats Mindi Grewell, Katie Bergin and Susan DuMont.

I would not have shared being a military mom with Linda Boland and Rosemary Mach.

I would not have experienced the growth from collegiate member to dedicated volunteer of Emilee Snow, Debbie Davis Richner, Jenny Rabas, Dawn Kreisel Bauer, Beth Little, Erin Morrison, Brenna Seger, Jessica Teson or Christine Keating.

I would not have met and became friends with fellow Greek community partners…Josh Welch from Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vicki Bird from Sigma Sigma Sigma and Dr. Sandy Hutchinson with Delta Zeta.

I would not have had the pleasure of advising so many wonderful, outstanding collegiate women from 1991 to the present.

I would not have seen a glimpse of our heritage through the eyes of Phyllis Sims Selig if I had not volunteered.

I would not have experienced the phi-nominal growth of Alpha Phi over the last 10 years if I had not volunteered.

Therefore you see Alpha Phi is truly for a life time, if you want it to be!

I will never be able to repay Alpha Phi for the friendships I have made, the joys I have experienced and the love I have been given since I decided to volunteer and follow in the footsteps of a dear Alpha Phi sister and chapter advisor, Katherine Ann Bradshaw. As a collegiate, I thought she was Alpha Phi by the way she showed her love to the members of the Gamma Gamma chapter at Drury. I hope I have made her proud.

Sherry Wilcher (Gamma Gamma-Drury) is a long-time Alpha Phi volunteer, serving for over 20 years. She has held a number of positions and currently serves as a collegiate chapter administrator, chapter advisor, and member of the extension committee. Alpha Phi thanks Sherry for her service and for her willingness to share her thoughts.

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