March 19, 2015

Collegiate Perspective: Little Moments

If Alpha Phi has taught me anything over the past four years, it's that it is impossible to truly appreciate the significance of a moment until it is a memory. And in this regard I have come to find that the memories that carry the most significance are those that are in every sense of the word, the simplest. In retrospect I realize that the most earnest moments I have had the privilege to share with my sisters have been those occurring quietly.

There is not a doubt in my mind that Alpha Phi has had a profound impact on my life over the past four years. The number of opportunities I have been blessed with because of this organization are innumerable, and the moments I've sat in humble observance of the love surrounding me are infinite.

If I were to try and depict everything this organization has provided me with, personally, emotionally, and tangibly, it would be a short novel missing several chapters due to an inability to properly articulate them. There are so many times you take it for granted, failing to realize just how established it is, and when you take a minute to consider it, it’s incredibly overwhelming. The number of years our traditions have held strong, the hours of community service, the friendships it has formed, and the women who learn they are unique and cherished. How many organizations can boast the things that Alpha Phi is able to?

In my four years I had the opportunity to hold positions of leadership within my chapter, and through them I discovered qualities I never knew I had. I was thrust into situations I felt I was ill equipped to handle, only to discover I was far more capable than I had believed. Alpha Phi has blessed me with the best company I could have dreamed of through such transformative years, and people I can confidently say will be companions for the rest of my life. There are so many moments that I look at the powerful, strong, and diverse group around me and understand that without Alpha Phi I would have never gotten the opportunity to know them for the authentic women they are. Without Alpha Phi they would simply be faces in the crowd, and that thought is simply chilling. Alpha Phi has taught me that family is not strictly referring to biology and that home is not a place, rather a feeling.

These discoveries have come to me over time, but never in organized situations. They came in the moments that from an outside perspective must look by any sense of the word; average. But let me tell you, they are the farthest thing from average. There's something greater to them; an intangible quality that is impossible to fabricate.

No, the memories that I will remember best, the most precious moments that Alpha Phi has given me are those that I found while walking home from school on the first sunny day of spring to be greeted by my sisters sitting on our front porch. My love for Alpha Phi can be recognized in the impromptu decision to walk down the block to the local ice cream spot in running shorts and letters, hair messily tied on top of our heads. My appreciation for Alpha Phi will come from the time I was taken to dip my toes in the river following a difficult test. My respect for Alpha Phi will be remembered in the difficult times, bursting into tears to find arms immediately wrapped around me.

My gratitude for Alpha Phi can be traced back to all the seemingly little ways it has eloquently and noiselessly shaped me into the woman I am today.

Taylor Skansi is a collegiate member at Montana (Chi). Learn more about Taylor by clicking here.

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