March 11, 2015

Collegiate Perspective: Excited. Nervous. Anxious.

Excited. Nervous. Anxious. All of these emotions are racing through the minds of 127 young women as we are approaching Central Campus at Iowa State University. It’s a warm, sunny afternoon and with each step we take the noise gets a little louder and the scene gets a little clearer. Gold and sapphire glitter is scattered amongst the sidewalks and two women, who we later learn are our ELCs, greet us with genuine smiles as they throw us bid day tanks. We're the new chapter on campus and today marks the genesis of an everlasting bond between sisterhood, Iowa State University and Alpha Phi.

What’s it Like Being a New Chapter on Campus?

Upon receiving our first Alpha Phi apparel we were welcomed by over ten sorority chapters, each comprised of seemingly countless members. On behalf of all the Alpha Phi Zeta Delta women, I can say it is an incredible privilege to be part of a Greek Community that is so well established, accomplished and welcoming. Celebrating this Alpha Phi milestone with hundreds of other Greek women was an honor and exceedingly moving!

We have only been here a few months, but have grown to be one of the largest sororities at the largest public university in Iowa. We have already hosted several events, some of which include heart health awareness events and CPR training. We even placed in our first Greek competition! We are currently in the process of preparing for our very first Greek Week and are beyond ecstatic. Being a new chapter on campus has been full of learning, growing and bonding as sisters. Together we look forward to the endless memories we have yet to create and we are thankful for the ones we have already made with our welcoming Greek Cyclone Community.

From Strangers to Sisters

“I can’t thank the girls of Alpha Phi enough for making my first year at Iowa State so amazing and memorable. You ladies are my home away home.”

Although it has only been a few months since we have all met, the friendships we have made feel like they are all but new. Our chapter has just announced the location of our new house, which some of the women will be moving into in August. The majority of those living out of house have already signed leases for next year with their other new sisters.

Gymnastics has become our new favorite sport, since we are honored to have three of the women in our chapter on the gymnastics team at Iowa State. We love attending their home meets and cheering on our fellow Phis. Whether it is cheering at sporting events, hosting philanthropies, becoming roommates, attending sisterhood events, or having weekly dinners with our established Phi Families, it is evident we have quickly gone from strangers to sisters.

Jamie Chamberlain is a collegiate member at Iowa State University (Zeta Delta). Learn more about Jamie by clicking here.

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