January 12, 2015

On the Road: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

When I headed home for the holidays this year, I was so excited! I couldn't wait to snuggle with my dog and eat home cooked meals. I wouldn't have to live out of my suitcase or think about airport delays for three weeks! I had an entire room to myself, and while many people gorged on holiday delicacies, I finally got my Christmas wish: time to exercise! However, as Christmas drew closer, I felt like something was missing.

We all want to spend the holidays with people we love; however, I now had people I loved from coast to coast. Even though I had just seen my fellow ELCs in Chicago, I missed their constant presence and laughter at the Executive Office. I missed the wonderful EO Staff and their daily inspiration when we are both in and out of the office. I missed all the members and officers who made me feel at home no matter what chapter I was visiting. I missed the amazing volunteers who shared my lifetime passion for the fraternity, and motivated me with their dedication and hard work. My heart was full because I had been surrounded by amazing Alpha Phis almost every day for the past five months – and now, I was having withdrawals. The good thing is – a sister is always only a text, phone call, Snapchat, or greeting card (my personal favorite) away.

As I head back on the road for the next three months (where has the year gone?!), I am ecstatic to continue to work with and meet new Alpha Phis. While we cannot be with loved ones all the time, I am lucky to have such a growing network of women that inspire and support me. I encourage everyone to reach out to those that may be far away, and remind them how much you care about them. Alpha Phi is the gift that keeps on giving, years after you open your bid card.

Tasha Fitts (Iota Xi-Denver) is a first year educational leadership consultant. Learn more about Tasha by clicking here.

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