January 26, 2015

On the Road: Frequently Asked Questions

During every visit the same questions always seem to come up.

“Where else have you been?” (Almost too many places to count!)
“Which chapter was your favorite?” (I definitely can’t pick one!)
“What do you actually do?” (That’s for another post.)

But my favorite question is, “Wait, we have chapters in Canada?”
Yes! We do! That is why we’re called Alpha Phi International Fraternity. We are one of only 13 NPC groups represented in Canada, and have 7 chapters!

Before October I had never been to Canada and knew very little about our neighboring country. I knew I needed a passport to get there, and that their winters were way colder than what I was used to in Arizona. But during my journey I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time working with our most recently installed chapter at the University of Ottawa – Iota Upsilon. Conveniently enough Ottawa is the capital of Canada so I was immediately immersed in all things Canadian. I have now tried poutine, become a fan of hockey, and can’t get enough beavertails. While I am still not good at dealing with all the snow, the women in the chapter rarely make fun of me and always help me when I slip!

Once I start talking about my experience in Canada, everyone wants to know what’s different about these chapters. While there are a few differences being up north, it’s not very different from visiting any of our other chapters. The women are still wonderful and welcoming, sisterhood is still a priority, and all members have a strong bond to Alpha Phi.

I feel so lucky to have met so many amazing sisters across North America during this experience. I will never forget my time spent up north and I hope that the next time an ELC mentions her visit to one of our Canadian chapters it comes as no surprise to anyone. Not every NPC group can claim that they are International, so we should be proud of this title!

Erin Hannam (Gamma Pi–Arizona State)is a first year educational leadership consultant. Learn more about Erin by clicking here.

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