May 30, 2014

Featured Product Friday: Keychain from Young & Greek


We love this Alpha Phi calligraphy keychain from Greek Licensed Vendor Young & Greek! This gloss-finished, double-sided design is available in 18 different colors with additional colors available upon request. The keychain measures 2.5" in diameter.
Price is $8.00. View this product on our boutique or visit Young and Greek's Etsy shop.

May 23, 2014

Featured Product Friday: Monogrammed Pillow

Looking for a great and unique gift for an Alpha Phi sister or friend? This custom Alpha Phi pillow from Festive Home Décor will make a great accent and conversation piece in a dorm room or chapter house. Start with your choice of 18 great chevron colors and then add appliquéd faux velvet Greek letters as a monogram in one of 9 colors. Pillow insert included.
See more on the Alpha Phi boutique or visit the Festive Home Décor Etsy shop.

May 19, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: Ten Tips for Attending ELI and Other Conferences

I can still pinpoint the day I fell in love with Alpha Phi; the day I knew that this sisterhood was genuine, loving and lifelong. I was sitting with my Silver Circle group at the Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI) in a small room in the Butler University Alpha Phi house, miles and miles away from my own chapter in South Dakota. These women, who I barely even knew, taught me about sisterhood, loyalty and support in a new way, and that one experience helped me understand the immensity of Alpha Phi.

 Whether you’re attending ELI or another Alpha Phi program, or even a leadership conference through your school, the experiences can be invaluable. But believe me, I completely understand the nerves and anxiety that come along with attending these conferences! So below, I share with you ten tips to succeed and enjoy your experience to the fullest.
  1. Don’t stress about what to pack. See that Alpha Phi shirt in your closet? Grab it. If your favorite shirt isn’t Alpha Phi related? That’s fine, grab it! Believe me, no one will judge you on what you wear….just make sure to bring warm clothes to sleep in, and cool clothes for the daytime and you’ll be set! Also, most conferences will provide you with what attire you should be wearing throughout the event, so that should be a big help.
  2. Go in with an open mind. Chances are most of us have a chapter sister who has already attended ELI or UIFI. Definitely ask her questions if you need to, but remember that this is going to be your experience. Don’t allow anyone else’s opinion shape your vision; in fact, part of the excitement is in not knowing what is coming next, so enjoy the anticipation!
  3. Step out of your comfort zone at least three times. This is my challenge to you. It’s hard, and you may feel uncomfortable, but you will only get this opportunity once, and trying something new is something you will never regret.
  4. Include everyone! My ELI group is still really close, and I talk to people from UIFI every week. It may surprise you, but if you try, you can really learn everyone’s names! If you see a sister sitting alone or notice that someone is quieter than others, be the person who invites her to walk with you to the next session, or sit by her at dinner and ask her questions to get to know her. Those connections are what make people’s experiences really flourish.
  5. Exchange contact information. I have contacted my sisters hundreds of times, and they have helped me through some of life’s biggest moments. I called an ELI sister when I was thinking of transferring, called a UIFI sister when I needed help with a philanthropic event, and have celebrated sisters’ graduations, birthdays, and other momentous events with them from hundreds of miles away. If you think your support system is good now, just wait—it gets better!
  6. Ask questions. At the end of the day, you are attending this program in order to learn and grow, and the only way to do that is by absorbing every ounce of information that you can. Think of yourself, your sisters, and your chapter, and ask any questions necessary so you leave a better-rounded Alpha Phi.
  7. Get to know your facilitators. They are full of love, support, wisdom, and they are some of the best connections and resources you will ever have.
  8. Know your limits. Remember that you’re there to learn and will be expected to participate with energy each day. I encourage you to spend free time with your sisters and new friends, but I also encourage you to get enough sleep and take care of yourself. Too much exertion could cost you your health, and that’s never fun!
  9. Take some time for reflection. Your values and opinions will be challenged. You will be exposed to new ideas, new people, and challenging situations. Sometimes, these concepts will hit you like a ton of bricks. It’s important to take some time for yourself in order to let the material sink in, and to make sure you’re able to understand everything being thrown at you. Afterwards, you may even grab another member to discuss your reflections; what an awesome chance to get to know someone a little better!
Have the time of your life! This opportunity will change you for the better. Step a little out of your shell and let down your walls, and your experience will be filled with fun, laughter, and lots of new relationships that you will never forget.  
If you’ve been selected to attend any type of leadership program, congratulations! I know you will have the experience of a lifetime, and leave a changed woman. I wish you the best of luck. And remember, these opportunities are meant for you to grow and learn, so go in with a positive attitude and remember that everyone attending is in the same shoes as you! 
Cheltzie Miller-Bailey is a collegiate member at University of Northern Iowa (Epsilon Theta). Click here to learn about Cheltzie.

May 16, 2014

Featured Product Friday: Pearl Ring

Official jeweler Herff Jones' pearl ring is a classic piece, the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. This sterling silver ring is accented with a button shape freshwater cultured pearl and the Alpha Phi letters delicately engraved on the side.
Price is $67.00. View details by clicking here.

May 13, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: Ahoy, Alpha Phis!

The sun is shining, exams are done and the beach is calling your name; the summer is here my Phis. Although the school year is over, many of you have probably found summer jobs, are doing research projects or participating in an awesome internship program. The summer is a great time for resume-building, and what you pursue can contribute to your professional endeavors post-graduation. This work doesn’t necessarily have to be academic; you could learn a new sport, take up a new hobby or volunteer your time. Some of the sisters from the Xi chapter at the University of Toronto are doing just that.

One of my chapter sisters, Lexi, will be working as a summer intern for the Colbert Report. She is currently working on a double major in political science and history. As she has been a fan of the show as long as it has been around, she is really looking forward to this opportunity. The internship is for the summer in New York City so she is incredibly excited to move to the “Big Apple” until September! Maggie, another one of my chapter sisters, is part of a dance team that has qualified and will be participating in the international Polish Folklore Festival this summer. The festival will take place in Rzeszow, Poland. Maggie started dancing when she was four! She practices twice a week and usually has bi-weekly concerts at various local events and weddings. She and her dance team get invited to folklore festivals all over the world and have traveled to countries like China, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Taiwan and all over Canada and the United States. I’ve already planned Skype dates to keep in touch with them as they embark on their respective journeys!

If your summer is still a blank slate, you can always contact local organizations to volunteer. Or plan a mini-retreat or a day trip with your chapter sisters. Visit an amusement park; you can often get discounted tickets if enough of your sisters will join. Consider catching a movie or better yet, plan a marathon and make it a sleepover! Visit museums. Go to a baseball game. Check items off your bucket list. Even if you don’t have an internship or can’t travel the world this summer, you can at least explore your city and create some awesome memories with your sisters while doing it. And, those photos and stories make for great marketing opportunities when you return to school in the fall. It will be here before you know it!

Sukhe Mann is a collegiate member at Xi chapter (Toronto). Read more about Sukhe by clicking here.

May 9, 2014

Featured Product Friday: Alpha Phi Print

 Whether hanging in your dorm room, your office or your chapter house, this personalized print from Greek Licensed Vendor Print Chicks is the perfect way to show off your letters and your Alpha Phi pride. The design is printed on professional 10 mil premium, photo quality glossy paper and is available in the following dimensions: 11 x 14, 16 x 20, 18 x 24, or 24 x 36. Discounts are available for chapter orders. Mat and frame not included.
See the product on the Alpha Phi boutique or learn more by clicking here.

May 4, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: A Letter to Graduating Members

Dear Graduating Members,

As your college years come to a close, take some time to enjoy your last couple of weeks with your sisters.

I know that you are all anxious about taking the next steps in life and pursuing your career, but know that you have the rest of your life to work. The rest of your life to stress about what comes next. But college… well these moments only happen once in a lifetime.
So before you enter another quarter life crisis take some time to breathe and be present. You earned it and you owe it to yourself to enjoy and treasure these last few moments here.

Think back to your freshman year. Your bid day. The day you chose Alpha Phi. The excitement you felt when your new sisters rushed towards you with open arms. Take a moment to appreciate all of the awkward moments of being a new member, the crazy adventures of hanging with your new member class and the anxiety you felt whenever you met an upperclassman.

Fast forward things a bit and look at where you are now. Take a moment to think about your college journey and ponder the legacy that you will be leaving. Did you make the most out of these years? Were you present in your chapter by holding a leadership role or were you a role model to others? Did you help one another when a sister was in need and did you stay close and true when times may have been more difficult?

Throughout your journey you learned how to listen and be open, cope with change and embrace it and branch out when meeting others. You are little older, a little wiser so forgive others and dismiss drama. In ten years no one is going to care nor will it matter.
You are sisters, now and forever.
The connections you made, the people that you encountered, the times you spent with one another are not merely limited to the four years you experienced at the collegiate level. The oath that you took and the memories that you made will bind you forever. Now that you are entering the next step in life, continue to keep Alpha Phi close to your heart. Join an alumnae chapter, be involved and volunteer. Stay in touch with one another. I know that is easier said than done, but it is important to keep your sisters close.
As you prepare for the next stage in your life, whatever that may be, know that you aren’t alone. When you decided that you were going to be an Alpha Phi you committed not just to a fraternity of women, but to a legacy that has lasted 140+ years. You are part of a family now—one that is hundreds of thousands large and stretches from all points of the world.

Now your time has arrived. It is your moment to take all that you have learned at school and within Alpha Phi to influence those around you.

Lo Holman is a collegiate member at Marquette University (Eta Mu). Read more about Lauren by clicking here.

May 2, 2014

On the Road: Watching a Chapter Come to Life

It’s hard to believe that just nine months ago, I found out that my ELC journey would be starting off with a bang in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The task, at first, seemed a little intimidating. I was thrilled at the opportunity to play a role in the re-colonization of the Delta Tau chapter at LSU, but I was also anxious for the future. So many questions ran through my head…Can I do this? How will I do this? Are people nice there? What will this be like? How do you just start a chapter? And the biggest question of all…Are there really alligators in the LSU lakes? 

After my first few weeks at LSU, I started realizing that this chapter, which up until then had been a distant fantasy, would soon be a reality. This feat was only possible by the support of so many people around me. The LSU Greek Life staff, the Greek Community, our Alpha Phi extension team and my fellow ELCs— we all worked together to make Alpha Phi at LSU more than a dream. On Thursday, September 12 there were only a handful of Alpha Phis on campus at LSU, and by September 13 we had over 200 members. I can’t explain the sense of pride I felt as I watched our new members sport their letters around campus that day. It still gives me chills to think about them running down sorority row, decked out in tutus, bows and face paint, being cheered on by the ENTIRE Greek community. It was a moment I will always remember!

Little did I know that the real work would actually start after the women joined. It was hard work, but it was fun work. It was incredible to watch members grow into leaders within the chapter, to watch life long friendships form before my eyes and to witness members coming together and creating a sisterhood. Kelly, Katie, and I (also know as “The ELCs” or “The Old Alpha Phi Girls” around campus) spent the fall semester at LSU teaching the women what it means to be an Alpha Phi, and all along the way I learned so much from them. A few lessons were that I say the word “bayou” completely wrong, SEC Football is like nothing you’ve ever seen (I encourage everyone to go to at least one game in their life), there actually aren’t alligators in the LSU lakes, all the words to Callin’ Baton Rouge and most importantly, that Alpha Phi is home…no matter where you are. 

As the spring semester rolled around, I saw even more growth in the chapter as I watched the officers start to carry out their roles. The sisterhood within the chapter grew stronger, and everyone’s passion for Alpha Phi seemed to run even deeper. I watched the founding members start to take a real ownership of their chapter and mold it into what they wanted it to be. I am still so proud of all their hard work. Installation weekend in March was so special, a memory that I’m sure every Delta Tau who was present will always cherish. Yes, there have been bumps along the way and bad days here and there…but I can honestly say that this has been one of the most incredible years of my life. I have forever been changed by the women of the Delta Tau chapter. I never knew I could love another chapter as much as my own, but it’s true I do! Kelly and Katie, who were my fellow ELCs this year in the “BTR” (as we like to call it), are some of my best friends…and I’m already having withdrawals not being with them every hour of everyday.

Baton Rouge, LSU, Delta Tau, Alpha Phi and so many other things have a place in my heart forever. So now, as the LSU campus gets smaller and smaller in my rear view mirror, I feel like I can finally answer all those nervous questions I had back at the start. Can I do this? Yes you did it! How will I do this? With the help of a lot of people, not very much sleep, and by putting your full heart into the project.  re people nice there? People are so very nice. This year you will make some incredible friendships. The Tigers don’t particularly like Texas Longhorns though…so maybe keep that on the DL. Apparently your alma mater beat them in the cotton bowl way back when. What will this be like? A constant whirlwind. Life Changing. Incredible. Hard. Fun. Everything in between. How do you just start a chapter? You just get in there and do it…again with lots of support! And the biggest question of all…Are there alligators in the LSU lakes? Apparently not…however Kelly and I swear we saw one swimming around.

To quote the anthem of LSU, I will forever be “sendin’ my love down to Baton Rouge.”

Ashlee Davie (Omega-Texas) is a first year educational leadership consultant.

Featured Product Friday: Ivy League Tote Bag

Join the "Ivy League" with this Alpha Phi zippered tote bag from Greek Licensed Vendor Greek Gear. This item is perfect for light grocery shopping or taking your books to the library. You can also fill it up with goodies as a gift for your big or little sis!
The tote is sized at 22 x 15 x 5 inches and is available in a natural color. Individual bags are priced at $24.95, but bulk order pricing is also available. View more here. 

May 1, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: Women's Centers

Before this year, I knew little about what Women’s Centers do. Yes, I knew that they act as spaces primarily for women, and that there are certain resources that these centers provide for women. However, I was not sure exactly what these resources were, or how the Women’s Center could help me if I needed it. As an intern at the University of Virginia’s Women’s Center this year, I got a front row look at what women’s centers are capable of, and I had the wonderful opportunity to help promote the UVa Women’s Center at my school.

Just like women’s centers at most other colleges, the UVa Women’s Center provides a number of programs for girls, including Sexual and Domestic Violence Services, Counseling, Body Positive and the Young Women Leaders Program, among others. The Center also has an internship program, and there are interns for each of the aforementioned programs. I had the chance to work with the Marketing and Communications team, and was in charge of tweeting on behalf of the Center. Not only did I learn a lot about marketing, but I also got to see how these spaces, which are reserved solely for women, could provide support and comfort for women who need it.

On college campuses, there are very few resources just for women. Most clubs and organizations are open to both males and females, or have equivalent organizations for each sex (like sororities and fraternities). Women’s centers on college campuses provide an intimate environment for college women to receive counseling, hear lectures about prominent women’s issues, or learn how to give back to the community.

Despite the increased gender equality in the past half-century (many colleges didn't even admit women until a few decades ago!), it is still important that we remind ourselves of some of the issues that women deal with, whether on a daily basis, or in times of crisis. Our Women’s Center hosts several events per semester to raise questions and encourage discussion concerning important women’s issues (such as sexual assault in the military) and partners with other organizations on campus for larger events (like Take Back the Night, which occurred recently).

Besides organizing events, women’s centers can act as a support group for many women in times of need. Some of the interns this year were survivors of intimate partner violence or sexual assault, and they interned to give back to a community of women that had been there for them in the past. Hearing their stories of survival was very eye opening and showed me the value and importance of a support system like the Women’s Center during difficult times.

After spending countless hours at my university’s Women’s Center, I have witnessed how these places can not only support women in times of need, but also help them realize their full potential. Now that I am aware of the resources available to me, I would feel comfortable reaching out to the women who work at the Center for support, and I encourage others to take advantage of the resources at their respective schools as well!

Lindley Smith is a collegiate member at the University of Virginia (Zeta Iota). Read more about Lindley by clicking here.

Quarterly Review

Spring 1988
Foundation Phonathon!
On the cover: "On the Line" and coming your way is the second annual Alpha Phi Foundation Phonathon. These are enthusiastic Phis from the Delta Gamma Chapter at University of Northern Colorado. Phonathons began in March and will carry through until November!