January 31, 2014

Featured Product Friday: Loyalty Crest Ring

This week's featured product is a timeless piece from Alpha Phi's official jeweler Herff Jones. The Loyalty Crest Ring features a beautiful replication of the Alpha Phi crest and is available in 10K white gold, 10K yellow gold and sterling silver.
Click here for pricing and more information.  


January 24, 2014

Featured Product Friday: Wildflower Phone Case

Wildflower welcomes the first ever officially-licensed Alpha Phi Wildflower case for the iPhone 5/5s. This one-of-a-kind Wildflower case features a custom gold Alpha Phi emblem stud and Wildflower's classic blue floral vintage print, all housed into a durable, protective phone case... handmade to perfection. 
Quantities are limited so click here order yours while supplies last.
Price is $40 + shipping

January 23, 2014

On the Road: Transitions

I learned about the ELC program when I was a sophomore attending Leadership Conference. It sounded like the most amazing job in the world. The ELC program was the best fit for me coming out of college. I was uneasy about what I wanted to do with my life and I still didn’t really know who I was. The transition from college life to ELC life was a natural next step for me and many of the other consultants. As we start thinking about transitioning from ELC life to the real world, it’s a little scary. We still live in a collegiate environment and are surrounded by the same things we were for four years in college. It’s an interesting feeling to realize that this experience is coming to an end and my life will be changing paths.


What I didn’t realize when I learned about the ELC program—and even in the beginning of my journey as an ELC—is how much I would learn about myself and how much this job would help shape my career. I have learned that I now want to pursue a career in event planning or marketing for either a zoo or an environmental organization. I majored in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and loved it, but had no idea how I was going to apply my degree to any career path that I chose. The ELC experience has opened my eyes and given me insight into how to combine both my Alpha Phi experience and my Biology degree into one potential career path.

I have gained some very valuable life skills along my journey and have learned a lot about myself. I have realized that while I can be an extrovert, I am also very much an introvert and a homebody. I have realized what is important in life and what isn’t. Coming out of college we are so young, and having the experience that I’ve had as an ELC has allowed me to grow and mature more than I think I would have had I not been an ELC. This position has given me the confidence to go after what I want and has shown that my time and efforts are most valuable when I am making a difference in someone’s life or one of our chapters. Thanks to my journey as an ELC I now want to make a difference in our world, and the transition into the real world seems a little less daunting.
Jessica Carver (Beta Gamma-Colorado) is a first year Educational Leadership Consultant.

January 17, 2014

Featured Product Friday: Sorority Specialties Crewneck Sweatshirt

Stay cozy in this classic Comfort Colors crewneck sweatshirt by Sorority Specialties. This crimson, unisex, garment-dyed sweatshirt is soft-washed and pre-shrunk. It's made of ring spun cotton and polyester and features Alpha Phi printed in a distressed vintage white print, giving it an old-school look. Priced at $40.00, this product can be 100% customized with design and colors. Runs large.
To learn more about this product, please click here.

January 14, 2014

On the Road: The Role of an ELC

For the first blog post of the New Year, I thought I would give you some insight into the role of an Educational Leadership Consultant. This is my second year traveling as a consultant, and there is a laundry list of things I have learned. Truth be told, this entire job is about learning and educating (and we all thought we were done with school!).

Not only do we help chapters develop and enhance the programs and recruitment strategies they have in place, we also provide hands-on support and motivation in order to make positive changes within the chapters. Probably more than anything though, we’re educating ourselves.

As fun and exciting as this job is, it’s also A REAL JOB. Some probably think we travel the United States and Canada acting like we’re still in college. In reality, we have time sheets. We have expense reports. We have developed skills that some may never have the opportunity to experience. You name the person, we can work with them. You give us a problem, there’s a pretty high chance of it being solved successfully. The art of delegation? It’s under control. Needing a step-by-step guide on planning and implementing a successful event? Created. Want help establishing and building an organization from the ground up… hi, we’re here! You give us a suitcase, tell us to pack it in less than five minutes and make it weigh less than 50 pounds… done.
While there is an “ELC Team” consisting of 17 Alpha Phis from across the nation, we don’t travel in a pack and take over multiple rows on an airplane. You travel alone the majority of the time and you actually LIVE OUT OF A SUITCASE (most commonly asked question – “But WHERE do you live?”).
This job takes commitment, self-motivation, hard-work and optimism… but it also takes passion. Because without the passion, re-packing a suitcase every five to seven days would not be exciting, you wouldn’t want to constantly meet all the new people and have your “game-face” on 24/7 and you probably would love sleeping more than life itself. Passion gets you through it. And knowing that you have the other 16 wonderful team members who understand EXACTLY what you’re going through.
As an Alpha Phi Educational Leadership Consultant, you are not doing your job successfully if the chapter and its members do not come first. The opportunity to give back always stands, yet the select few choose to take it on. Being a part of this team has shown me the direct impact one can have by giving back to Alpha Phi after your college years, and the positive difference you can make when you continue your membership in such a wonderful organization.
Katie Bergin (Gamma Eta-North Texas) is a second-year Educational Leadership Consultant.

January 10, 2014

Featured Product: Alpha Phiver Decal from Dormify

There’s a reason why wall decals are one of the hottest trends in interior design—it’s because they’re chic, easy to apply and really breathe life and color into a space. Now you can show your wall Alpha Phi love by adding this Alpha Phiver decal to a space in your chapter house, dorm room or apartment. Dormify's Greek decals are available in an assortment of colors to match your space, style and spirit just so. 

Dimensions are 22" x 22.5" and product adheres to plaster, glass, tile, wood, plastic and other clean, grease-free surfaces.  

Priced at $46. Click here for product details.

January 3, 2014

Featured Product Friday: Phone Cases from Greek Girl Shop

This week, we're swooning over custom phone cases from Greek Girl Shop. These 100% plastic wrap-around cases are available in multiple designs and colors (pastels, anyone?) and fit for multiple device styles, including the iPhone 4 and 5. 

The Alpha Phi Infinity iPhone case is $30 and available for purchase here

The customizable chevron case is $35. Click here for more information.

January 2, 2014

Calling All Collegiate Alpha Phis: Collegiate Perspective Blogger Application 2014

Are you.... 

An avid writer?
Social media savvy?
Passionate about Alpha Phi?

Then consider applying to be a guest writer for the Collegiate Perspective section of the Alpha Phi International blog (http://www.alphaphi.blogspot.com/). 

Our blog features topics ranging from alumnae perspective articles to staff profiles to general women's awareness pieces. And we'd love to throw your viewpoint into the mix! Document a semester in the life: snap photos, tell about events happening within your chapter or write about topics concerning women. The possibilities are endless, and we want to hear your ideas!

In order to be eligible, you must:
  • be a collegiate member 
  • be able to write blog updates weekly or bi-weekly 
  • be available to write through the end of this semester (Spring 2014) 

Interested? Fill out the Alpha Phi Guest Blogger Application below. Please be thoughtful and thorough with your responses. You can view past collegiate perspective pieces by clicking here. We'll be in touch following the deadline regarding the status of your application. 

Contact kmitchell@alphaphi.org with any questions!

The application deadline is Friday, January 17th by 12:00 PM CST.


January 1, 2014

Quarterly Review

Fall 2000
In this issue: Michelle Fulcher (Beta Gamma-Colorado) Leads Pulitzer Prize News Team and tells the story.