November 5, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: Tutoring Opportunities within Alpha Phi

When you think of a sorority, your thoughts might not jump straight to the academic opportunities it provides. I've encountered more people than I can name who have automatically assumed that I am unintelligent when they find out I’m a “sorority girl” due to the incorrect and often ridiculous stereotypes we are characterized by. Fortunately, I find that us “sorority girls” can usually prove them wrong. Sororities function as organizations that don’t only promote costume parties and philanthropy events, but also strongly stress the importance of academics. 

Academics are the number one priority for all my friends and myself, and being in Alpha Phi has been extremely beneficial for succeeding in school. In the Epsilon Chi chapter, we have a variety of tutoring opportunities and resources for help with all majors and classes. Every year, we create our own personal “Yellow Pages” in a Google Doc, where every member inputs her name, phone number and major. So, if ever I need help in a specific class, I use the list as a resource to find someone who is successful in that field.  Additionally, our Scholarship Chair is always available to set up women with tutors within Alpha Phi using the Yellow Pages.

Another great thing about being in Alpha Phi is the way our chapter holds its members to high academic standards, requiring we all stay above a certain GPA to stay in good standing with the chapter and hold leadership positions on our Executive board. This condition succeeds in reinforcing the importance of our education coming first, especially when it can be so easy to get caught up in the social scene.

We also have a variety of programs within Alpha Phi that reward or benefit girls doing exceptionally well in their classes. One of our favorites is the “A Papers” program, in which girls who get over a 90% on tests or papers can submit a photo, and get recognized with a little treat at the next meeting. During finals week, our Scholarship Chair will also reserve rooms in the library for a quiet study place, and usually brings Scantrons, pencils and Smarties. These activities are a great way to get everyone together to study hard and succeed on their midterms and finals.

Another responsibility of the Scholarship Chair is to put together the Test Files, which is an online account accessible to any member of our chapter. The Test Files contain anything from notes, study guides, and flash cards. These notes are extremely beneficial in studying for upcoming midterms and tests, because they allow for a different perspective than your own notes and are often helpful in explaining concepts from a different point of view. Anyone can add to the Test Files, and I know I have certainly benefited from it!

While I've always been dedicated to succeeding in school, being in Alpha Phi has fostered that commitment in me all over again. When I wear my letters I want to be a role model and show off how amazing my sorority is, and thriving in school is a major part of that.

Claire Lindsey is a collegiate member at Cal Poly (Epsilon Chi). Learn more about Claire by clicking here.

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