November 19, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: There's Always Something

As the holidays approach, everyone gets a little bit colder, a little more cheerful and a lot more thankful. For some reason, it often takes the holiday season to remind people of what’s important in life — loving and caring for one another, and appreciating all we have. Oh, and pumpkin and peppermint flavored EVERYTHING!

After the recent passing of two Zeta Iota sisters, Casey Schulman and Shelley Goldsmith, our chapter at UVA started a “Thankful 5K” in their honor. It’s a reminder to ourselves, our loved ones and our community to take a moment and reflect on all the things that we are thankful for. This year, more than 600 people ran our race and spread smiles and gratitude around Charlottesville. On each of the runner’s bibs was a place where they could write what they were personally thankful for. Here are some happy things our friends and family are thankful for, a reminder that the world we live in is a wonderful place.

  1. Family: Near and far, relatives, friends that become family and the people who make life easier day in and day out.
  2. Health: We are lucky enough to be able to run a 5K, while some people may not be. The ability to move our legs, pump our arms and take a breath are all blessings many of us take for granted.
  3. Sunny mornings: There’s nothing quite like a bright, happy morning to greet you on a day of cheer, or even one of despair. Each day is a new day; we have to make them count!
  4. New adventures: From college to 5Ks to trips around the globe, we shouldn't take for granted each experience we have!
  5. A home away from home: College is a huge transition for nearly everyone; it’s always nice to know that we have a community surrounding us with abundant resources and people who truly care.
  6. The HOOS (sorry, we are biased here at UVA): WAHOOWA!
  7. Honor: For every tragedy, devastation and disaster our world encounters, there are so many more people fighting for a better tomorrow. One of the main ways we promote activism and sound character in Charlottesville is the standard of Honor.
  8. Chocolate: Need I say more?
  9. A great education: As college students, we are all lucky enough to be able to further our intellect and strive to learn as much about ourselves, our interests and our world as we can to leave every place better than we find it.
    And, of course…
  10. ALPHA PHI: The best sisterhood any of us could ever ask for.

I’m thankful for all of you Phis, near and far. I hope the holiday season gives you time to set aside any sorrows you may have and instead reminds you of all of the great things in your lives.

Much love, and forever thankful.

In memory of C.A.S and M.S.G.

Lauren Yevak is a collegiate member at Virginia (Zeta Iota). Learn more about Lauren by clicking here.

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