November 16, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: Fall Sisterhood Activities

No matter where you live, the second half of fall semester seems to conjure feelings of comfort, warmth, and coziness from coast to coast. This season that exists in between the sandals of August and the sweaters of December is perfect for sisterhood activities that take advantage of both foliage and fireplaces. Here are some fun ways that your chapter can make the most out of fall:

Celebrating Gratitude: Give thanks with your chapter before Thanksgiving break by making a gratitude bulletin board. Before meeting, prepare an assortment of fall shapes – think feathers or leaves – cut out of different colors of cardstock. On individual pieces, have each sister write down something for which she is thankful, and have the chapter share their words one by one. After a sister reads her sentence, she can add her paper to a growing, colorful gratitude bulletin board that can be displayed for the rest of the season.

Decorating Fall Cake Pops: Cake pops are my favorite dessert to make for or with large groups of people because they’re just as fun to create as they are to eat, and they taste delicious regardless of how creative you want to get with decorations. To make, bake a batch of cake – try apple cinnamon or pumpkin flavor – and allow it cool. Crumble and combine the cake with small amounts of frosting – caramel is a great fall choice – until the mixture sticks together, and use your hands roll into bite-sized spheres. In a microwave or fondue pot, heat different colors of chocolate wafers and use the melted chocolate to glue a lollipop stick into ball. After the sticks are cool and solidly in place, dip the cake pops into the melted chocolate, twirl off the excess, and use fun sprinkles, colored sugar, or icing to decorate. Try using a piping bag to draw small ivy leaves and AΦ letters, and bring your creations to chapter meeting as a special treat. 

Organize a “Secret Sister” Gift Exchange: Before winter break, have each sister decorate a gift tag with her name and a few of her favorite things, colors, and designs. Collect all of the tags in a hat or gift bag and then pass the collection around, giving each sister a chance to grab a different tag and receive the identity of her “secret sister” – the special someone for whom she’ll be buying or making a small gift. For a fun twist, encourage the chapter to hand-make their gifts for a personal touch, or set a spending limit to inspire maximum creativity. If a sister is stumped, she can always use the “favorites” on the decorated gift tag as a starting point. 
Sisterhood Letter Painting: Fall is the perfect time to add some new sorority décor to your room or to give your chapter letters a makeover from summer to winter. On the above wooden letters that I painted for a sister last year, I used holiday gold and white and pearl trim for a winter look, while our chapter’s recruitment team recently repainted our lawn letters in festive red and pink.

From the chilly northeast to balmy California, these months are a great time to embrace fall and get a little bit seasonal with your sisters. 

Alexa Curto is a collegiate member at Johns Hopkins (Zeta Omicron). Learn more about Claire by clicking here.

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