October 1, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: Not Four Years, But for Life

As my college career rapidly approaches its finale and the future looms in the distance, I’ve been forced to start thinking about what some would call “real life.” For almost 21 years, every step of my life has been obvious: elementary school, then middle school, then high school then college. For almost 21 years, every year has been just another class, another teacher and another summer. But now, I am at a loss. In two short years, I will graduate college: the last clear step on my path. From there, it is completely up to me – and likewise for most of you – to actively pursue a path that will be all my own. For some, this may be an easy choice: maybe that next step is graduate school or a job offer. For others, that next step is still quite unknown. Either way, every sister of Alpha Phi should rest easy knowing that taking care of our sisters is a lifelong promise.

Being a part of Alpha Phi means you are in the company of strong, independent women who seek to change, inspire and thrive. Here at the Epsilon Chi chapter, I am surrounded by women who are both academically inclined and socially competent, whom I look up to for their drive, leadership and strength. And in each of your own chapters, I am sure you will find similar women and mentors.

This year, Alpha Phi International announced the Leadership Fellows Program, an annual program designed for upperclassmen to learn firsthand what it takes to be successful businesswomen. The women who are chosen to attend this development program are those who show leadership potential, but it is an experience that will benefit them for a lifetime. Epsilon Chi’s Chapter President, Bryce Gassner, attended the first ever Leadership Fellows Program this summer, and came back excited to share all she had learned. Additionally, Alpha Phi offers the Chapter Leadership Development (CLD) and Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI) programs to further the lifelong personal growth of each of our members. These prestigious programs impart wisdom that will benefit each attendee in her professional career.

Alpha Phi Foundation also supports lifetime membership with the Forget Me Not Fund, which donates over $100,000 annually to alumnae who are in financial distress from urgent or serious situations Knowing that we are dedicated to ensuring the lifelong safety and happiness of our members gives me such pride in our organization.

Through my Alpha Phi experience, I have met women who I know will still be my best friends 25 years from now. They will be my bridesmaids and my babysitters; they will pick me up when I fall down, and they will do it with a smile on their faces. They are the women I’ve met during these four years, and they are the women who will be my sisters for life.

Claire Lindsey is a collegiate member at Cal Poly (Epsilon Chi). Learn more about Claire by clicking here.

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