September 10, 2014

On the Road: Nothing to Lose, Everything to GAIN

With educational leadership consultant (ELC) applications due in less than a month, it seems appropriate to share the many benefits of being an ELC beyond what is listed in the official job description. Although I have only been on the road for a little over a month, the time has been filled with memories to last a lifetime and a plethora of learning opportunities. Below is what you can “GAIN” through the ELC program:

Good friendships. Spending nearly three weeks with the ELC team allows for endless bonding.  Over the course of training, the ELC team went to a Cubs game, sang and danced the night away at Blake Shelton, shopped in Chicago and experienced local restaurants and hidden treasures of Evanston, Illinois! It’s not an everyday occurrence to have a bunkmate, sit in front of a mirror to get ready for the day with 15 women and have a coworker to talk to at any hour of the day – and I love it!
Adventure. To be a successful ELC you must be prepared for twists and turns. There is no typical day-to-day or even month-to-month routine. Some ELCs will remain on one campus for a colonization while others will travel weekly across North America for recruitment preparation visits. Many ELCs will check items off of their bucket lists during their travels such as visiting a specific state. Some may even fall in love with a city that could become their future home. As an ELC, you learn to adapt quickly to any and all situations that arise. 
Influencer. As a collegiate member, I always admired my ELCs for their hard work and accomplishments. Often, I think back to the impact they made, whether it was providing recruitment ideas or leaving a written thank you note on my desk. Though ELCs all have a widespread background of Alpha Phi experience and have their own unique stories, the ELC team has the same common goal: to be a role model for collegiate women and to see the chapter upwardly mobile and successful! 
Networking. In addition to the many working relationships formed, an ELC has the ability to make advanced networking connections. As a representative of Alpha Phi International, you come in contact with many unique individuals such as chapter advisors, Greek advisors, campus administrators and even total strangers sitting next to you on the plane. A person you meet on the road may have a connection to your next dream job or even be the CEO of a reputable corporation. Therefore, it is always important to keep your business cards handy and have your personal elevator pitch ready to “roll off your tongue!” Did I mention that you will become a pro at your 30-second elevator speech as an ELC?

The ELC job takes passion, drive, patience, motivation and optimism to be successful. The ELC role allows one to utilize the skills and knowledge obtained throughout collegiate years, but it’s also a huge learning experience. You become a better person, learn new life skills, learn about yourself as an individual and leave a legacy behind at every chapter you visit. The ELC position is a chapter in one’s life that will forever be cherished. The memories, relationships built and experiences gained are unsurpassed and will be applicable to all future endeavors in the professional world. I am beyond thankful for this experience, and I urge anyone interested to apply for the ELC position. Always remember: there is nothing to lose, everything to gain!

Visit the ELC site to apply to become a 2015-16 educational leadership consultant!

Stephanie Tripi (Beta Omega-Kent State) is a first year educational leadership consultant. Learn more about Stephanie by clicking here

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