August 31, 2014

On the Road: Sisterhood

From Chicago to Tuscaloosa to Los Angeles to Ottawa; from bunk room, to guest room, to apartment, to dorm, the travels in my first month as an ELC have taken me to so many different places. With the amount of travel we do, there is a constant need to adapt to new places and new people. The fast-paced lifestyle during recruitment season keeps us going, going, going most hours of the day (and night, too!) and rarely gives us time to take a break. And with all of this commotion around us, sometimes it’s the little things that keep us going.
Arriving at the airport to a sister waiting inside with a smiling face
Putting your suitcases away and seeing that the chapter you’re visiting bought you a 12-pack of Coca-Cola
Waking up in the morning to a collegiate member holding a cup of coffee for you
Returning to a collegiate chapter and receiving hugs from the members
Leaving a chapter and getting a massive influx of friend requests on Facebook

These are the things that keep me moving when I’m tired, over-caffeinated and still need to respond to all those emails. These are the things that remind you how wonderful this Fraternity is. These are the things that sisters do for one another. 

No matter how silly these sound, it’s the little things that mean the most. This first month has taught me so much about sisterhood that I thought I already knew. Sisterhood is about more than late night study sessions and road trips. It’s about your Starbucks order that your best friend bought for you since she knew you would be late to class or the playlist she made with all your favorite songs before you left for summer. Sisterhood is about the small things that only your sisters would care enough about to remember. 

My journey has only just begun and already my love for Alpha Phi has grown. I’ve met so many amazing Alpha Phis and gotten to work with women I’ve looked up to for years. I’m fortunate that I get to call all of them my friends and sisters. I never thought that my feelings for Alpha Phi could get any stronger, but now I know that I was wrong. I can’t wait to see what comes next in my travels, but I already know that wherever I go, I’ll find sisterhood.

Erin Hannam (Gamma Pi-Arizona State) is a first-year educational leadership consultant. Learn more about Erin by clicking here

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