August 7, 2014

On the Road: From Me to We

Becoming an educational leadership consultant (ELC) is nothing short of an adventure. It involves giving up everything familiar and beginning a life of constant newness. Each ELC begins training with a unique experience at her own collegiate chapter. These memories are deeply treasured and rooted into our hearts. You can see the glow in an ELC’s eyes when she speaks of her own collegiate chapter, but we now have a greater responsibility—to ensure every single Alpha Phi in the country can speak to her experience as a collective, as a “we.” Alpha Phi is no longer “your chapter;” it is every single collegian, alumna and chapter across North America. This knowledge creates a bond between every ELC, both current and former.

I know that our ELC group will encounter obstacles, both large and small. There are, of course, small challenges, like fitting your closet into a 50-pound suitcase and lifting your overweight carry-on that holds all of your excess weight into the overhead bin. Most importantly, your fellow ELCs will understand your biggest challenge, finding a new home wherever you travel.

I can confidently say that the relationships built throughout the three-week training process at the Executive Office in Evanston, Ill., have created a home and a safe haven for us all. We have laughed and cried together, taught and learned from each other, and established a sense of “we” as a team.

Our ELC group, just as many others, has become more than a job; these women have become family. As we spread out across the country, I am sad to say “see you soon,” but grateful to have become a part of my new Alpha Phi family. Together, I am confident we will change, create and enhance the lives of Alpha Phi members across North America.

Jessie Keigley (Theta-Michigan) is a first-year educational leadership consultant

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