May 4, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: A Letter to Graduating Members

Dear Graduating Members,

As your college years come to a close, take some time to enjoy your last couple of weeks with your sisters.

I know that you are all anxious about taking the next steps in life and pursuing your career, but know that you have the rest of your life to work. The rest of your life to stress about what comes next. But college… well these moments only happen once in a lifetime.
So before you enter another quarter life crisis take some time to breathe and be present. You earned it and you owe it to yourself to enjoy and treasure these last few moments here.

Think back to your freshman year. Your bid day. The day you chose Alpha Phi. The excitement you felt when your new sisters rushed towards you with open arms. Take a moment to appreciate all of the awkward moments of being a new member, the crazy adventures of hanging with your new member class and the anxiety you felt whenever you met an upperclassman.

Fast forward things a bit and look at where you are now. Take a moment to think about your college journey and ponder the legacy that you will be leaving. Did you make the most out of these years? Were you present in your chapter by holding a leadership role or were you a role model to others? Did you help one another when a sister was in need and did you stay close and true when times may have been more difficult?

Throughout your journey you learned how to listen and be open, cope with change and embrace it and branch out when meeting others. You are little older, a little wiser so forgive others and dismiss drama. In ten years no one is going to care nor will it matter.
You are sisters, now and forever.
The connections you made, the people that you encountered, the times you spent with one another are not merely limited to the four years you experienced at the collegiate level. The oath that you took and the memories that you made will bind you forever. Now that you are entering the next step in life, continue to keep Alpha Phi close to your heart. Join an alumnae chapter, be involved and volunteer. Stay in touch with one another. I know that is easier said than done, but it is important to keep your sisters close.
As you prepare for the next stage in your life, whatever that may be, know that you aren’t alone. When you decided that you were going to be an Alpha Phi you committed not just to a fraternity of women, but to a legacy that has lasted 140+ years. You are part of a family now—one that is hundreds of thousands large and stretches from all points of the world.

Now your time has arrived. It is your moment to take all that you have learned at school and within Alpha Phi to influence those around you.

Lo Holman is a collegiate member at Marquette University (Eta Mu). Read more about Lauren by clicking here.

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