May 13, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: Ahoy, Alpha Phis!

The sun is shining, exams are done and the beach is calling your name; the summer is here my Phis. Although the school year is over, many of you have probably found summer jobs, are doing research projects or participating in an awesome internship program. The summer is a great time for resume-building, and what you pursue can contribute to your professional endeavors post-graduation. This work doesn’t necessarily have to be academic; you could learn a new sport, take up a new hobby or volunteer your time. Some of the sisters from the Xi chapter at the University of Toronto are doing just that.

One of my chapter sisters, Lexi, will be working as a summer intern for the Colbert Report. She is currently working on a double major in political science and history. As she has been a fan of the show as long as it has been around, she is really looking forward to this opportunity. The internship is for the summer in New York City so she is incredibly excited to move to the “Big Apple” until September! Maggie, another one of my chapter sisters, is part of a dance team that has qualified and will be participating in the international Polish Folklore Festival this summer. The festival will take place in Rzeszow, Poland. Maggie started dancing when she was four! She practices twice a week and usually has bi-weekly concerts at various local events and weddings. She and her dance team get invited to folklore festivals all over the world and have traveled to countries like China, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Taiwan and all over Canada and the United States. I’ve already planned Skype dates to keep in touch with them as they embark on their respective journeys!

If your summer is still a blank slate, you can always contact local organizations to volunteer. Or plan a mini-retreat or a day trip with your chapter sisters. Visit an amusement park; you can often get discounted tickets if enough of your sisters will join. Consider catching a movie or better yet, plan a marathon and make it a sleepover! Visit museums. Go to a baseball game. Check items off your bucket list. Even if you don’t have an internship or can’t travel the world this summer, you can at least explore your city and create some awesome memories with your sisters while doing it. And, those photos and stories make for great marketing opportunities when you return to school in the fall. It will be here before you know it!

Sukhe Mann is a collegiate member at Xi chapter (Toronto). Read more about Sukhe by clicking here.

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