March 6, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: What Money Can’t Buy

“When you join Greek life you are buying your friends.”

As sorority women, we have heard this stereotype again and again and continue keep our heads held high and ignore it. We all know in our hearts that it is far from the truth, but when we are put on the spot to defend ourselves, somehow we are at a loss for words.

How do you explain to someone that these experiences can’t be bought or that no amount of money could put a price on all that you have gained?

Yes, we pay dues in order to have sisterhood retreats, socials, chapter dinners and other events that others may interpret as forced bonding experiences. However, once you choose to take off the mask of the stereotype and face the reality of the situation, you will be confronted with something that may seem unimaginable: a group of women with similar values and a genuine interest in the well-being of one another.

When I was a freshman I looked at the seniors of my chapter as if they could walk on water. They were involved, welcoming and full of advice for me and my fellow new members. Looking back I realize that what stood out above all else was that they were consistently there for each other. I vividly remember looking through scrapbooks they had made of their college careers with the hope that in four years my new friends and I would be exactly like them.

Three years later and much to our surprise, we are not exactly like them.

My friends and I disagree with each other. Sometimes we take each other for granted because we spend the better part of each day together. Honestly, there are some days when all we want is a little bit of time to ourselves.

The beauty of it is that even in those trying times, we stand by one another.

This school year has been a period of growth for me and many of the people I'm close to.There have been break ups, make ups, tests of character, lifestyle changes, bad choices, great decisions and an over-arching theme of trying to figure it all out. We work through each new challenge as a team with the understanding that we might not always see eye to eye but we will always be there for each other, hand to hand and heart to heart.

So when people tell me that by joining a sorority I bought my friends, I no longer get angry or frustrated. I don’t even have trouble explaining my side of the story because in my mind it boils down to a very simple concept.

These aren’t just my friends, they are my sisters. And family can’t be bought.

Alyson Faucett is a collegiate member at San Diego State (Gamma Alpha). You can learn more about Alyson by clicking here.

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Brandie Baranowski said...

Proud to call you a sister, Aly. AOE