March 5, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: Welcome to Alpha Phi, Newest Members!

When I first thought about the topic of this blog, I wanted to make it about the new members and their new journey in Alpha Phi. As I brainstormed the perfect way to express everything I have to say about “The Alpha Phi Experience," I thought about my favorite Alpha Phi Founder, Clara Bradley Burdette who, in 1929, wrote a beautiful letter to the new members. In this letter (found in the Ivy Leaf), Clara greeted the new members, talked about the blessings of Alpha Phi and most importantly, what is entrusted to each member as they become a sister of our fraternity. With simple words, she conveyed a powerful message: Alpha Phi gives many blessings, but as an Alpha Phi you are also in charge of carrying on the mission and values of our Founders.

Since the moment you sign your bid, everyone greets and congratulates you on becoming a sister of Alpha Phi, but you must not forget that with sisterhood, everlasting memories and loyalty comes stewardship. YES- you are now a steward of our fraternity; you are responsible for protecting and ensuring Alpha Phi is always in the best light.

Alpha Phi International Fraternity exists today because of past generations of members who received a bid and did the right thing; those women upheld the values that were once taught to them and because of their leadership and commitment, we have the opportunity to experience Alpha Phi in the present day. This semester, every chapter chose you (newest members) to be a sister; you received a bid from Alpha Phi Fraternity because of the unlimited potential within you to transform the world around you, to be a leader, to take charge, to carry on to future generations of Alpha Phis a legacy of 142 years and to take part in the groundbreaking world of Alpha Phi. 

My advice to you is to be a sponge and to absorb everything Alpha Phi has to offer, from leadership opportunities and scholarships to the everlasting bonds of sisterhood. Get to know your sisters, build memories, be eager to learn about your heritage, your Founders, and make sure the values of Alpha Phi do not get lost. There is nothing better than taking pride in being part of such an outstanding organization; an organization that has thrived through time, empowering women and always believing in our capacity as contributing members of society and leaders in our community. Let your greatness define your actions, let your actions define your chapter, and let your chapter define collegiate life. Make a difference.

Today, I challenge you to be like  Clara, aspiring to change the world around you into a better place through the high ideals of womanhood, scholarship, and service. Do not forget the potential within you, live up to it, and shine inside and outside of Alpha Phi. Above all, be zestful and carry your torch high.

Congratulations new members, welcome to the ivy, the silver, and the Bordeaux!
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Samantha Padilla is a collegiate member at St. Mary's (Iota Beta). Read more about Samantha by clicking here.

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