February 5, 2014

On the Road: 10 Ways I Know I'm in Love with Alpha Phi

ELCs spend countless hours strategizing. We create competitive chants, we learn campus cultures and somewhere in between marketing plans and door decorations, we become expert travelers. Through all of this our love for the fraternity continues to grow. Working with volunteers, collegians and staff I have learned that this affection is not something exclusive to consultants; however, these are the 10 ways I know I’m in love with Alpha Phi:

  1. I rejoice in the opportunity to give the grip to any woman I encounter wearing our beloved letters.
  2. Eight of my 10 speed dial contacts are my sorority sisters.
  3. I am the designated organizer for my weekly, monthly or yearly phone call, coffee date or vacation with my favorite group of Alpha Phis.
  4. At least one of the quilts in my house is comprised of the t-shirts I collected during my years as a collegiate member.
  5. I find myself checking my Alpha Phi e-mail on vacation and I'm somewhat disappointed if I don't have any new messages.
  6. Making a song’s lyrics relate to Alpha Phi comes naturally, and I've rewritten one or more of the Top 40.
  7. Visiting the Executive Office and/or Alpha chapter (Syracuse) was on my bucket list.
  8. Alpha Phi is branded on my phone, car or computer (or maybe all three).
  9. I have or plan to collect every badge offered by Alpha Phi. Every. Single. One. 
  10. When discussing dates for big events I'm planning, I strategically avoid the months in which the chapters I work with recruit.
Thank you to everyone who uses their love for Alpha to continually strengthen our fraternity!

Taylor Surby (Beta Upsilon-Oregon State) is a first year Educational Leadership Consultant.

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Unknown said...

Young love is so wonderful! Seriously, I love knowing that younger APhi's are as appreciative of the ideals & sisterhood of Alpha Phi as we more mature sisters are. The Fraternity is in good hands and the future looks bright!