January 14, 2014

On the Road: The Role of an ELC

For the first blog post of the New Year, I thought I would give you some insight into the role of an Educational Leadership Consultant. This is my second year traveling as a consultant, and there is a laundry list of things I have learned. Truth be told, this entire job is about learning and educating (and we all thought we were done with school!).

Not only do we help chapters develop and enhance the programs and recruitment strategies they have in place, we also provide hands-on support and motivation in order to make positive changes within the chapters. Probably more than anything though, we’re educating ourselves.

As fun and exciting as this job is, it’s also A REAL JOB. Some probably think we travel the United States and Canada acting like we’re still in college. In reality, we have time sheets. We have expense reports. We have developed skills that some may never have the opportunity to experience. You name the person, we can work with them. You give us a problem, there’s a pretty high chance of it being solved successfully. The art of delegation? It’s under control. Needing a step-by-step guide on planning and implementing a successful event? Created. Want help establishing and building an organization from the ground up… hi, we’re here! You give us a suitcase, tell us to pack it in less than five minutes and make it weigh less than 50 pounds… done.
While there is an “ELC Team” consisting of 17 Alpha Phis from across the nation, we don’t travel in a pack and take over multiple rows on an airplane. You travel alone the majority of the time and you actually LIVE OUT OF A SUITCASE (most commonly asked question – “But WHERE do you live?”).
This job takes commitment, self-motivation, hard-work and optimism… but it also takes passion. Because without the passion, re-packing a suitcase every five to seven days would not be exciting, you wouldn’t want to constantly meet all the new people and have your “game-face” on 24/7 and you probably would love sleeping more than life itself. Passion gets you through it. And knowing that you have the other 16 wonderful team members who understand EXACTLY what you’re going through.
As an Alpha Phi Educational Leadership Consultant, you are not doing your job successfully if the chapter and its members do not come first. The opportunity to give back always stands, yet the select few choose to take it on. Being a part of this team has shown me the direct impact one can have by giving back to Alpha Phi after your college years, and the positive difference you can make when you continue your membership in such a wonderful organization.
Katie Bergin (Gamma Eta-North Texas) is a second-year Educational Leadership Consultant.


Sarah Nau said...

VERY well said! As an Alpha Phi ELC from 20 years ago, this piece brought back so many memories. I would also add that lifelong friendships are made during this crazy and exciting adventure!

Katie Bergin said...

Thank you, Sarah! I can only imagine what it will be like to look back 20 years from now! Such a wonderful experience we're able to share!

Katie Bergin said...
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