December 3, 2013

Collegiate Perspective: Welcoming More New Members

For the members of the Iota Tau chapter at Harvard, this will be our last week of classes for the semester. We woke up early, went to class, ate lunch and went to more class. I went for a run. Some people met with groups for group projects, and some people took naps. Many people stressed about a paper, or problem set or final. Everyone had a busy day.

This week, our chapter will also be initiating 12 new members. These members were recruited through the COB process throughout the semester. They have been to our events, met our women and helped make our chapter great. Tonight, we get to officially welcome them into our family.

Initiation is a wonderful event. The fact that I get to share the sweet memories of initiation with new members, some of whom are my good friends, is such a gift. That is one of the perks of being a charter member – I have seen the chapter grow from day one, and now I get to see more women join. It’s the ultimate high of Alpha Phi.

In the spring, we will have our first formal recruitment. This initiation only excites me more for when we will have an entire class of new members. It’s getting us ready, helping to remind us of the special peacefulness in the ceremony. I already know most of these women fairly well – but to share in something so special with them will bond us forever.

It’s fun to think about what the new members are feeling just hours before the ceremony. I hope that they will find initiation to lead to a whole lot of love and sisterhood that they didn’t think was possible. I know it did for me.

Elizabeth MeLampy is a collegiate member at Harvard (Iota Tau). Read more about Elizabeth by clicking here

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