December 9, 2013

Collegiate Perspective: Study Tips and Tricks

With finals just around the corner for so many sisters, the anxiety in the air is almost tangible. To help out, I asked sisters in Delta Rho to send me their best study tips and tricks.

Some of these gems of wisdom may seem perfunctory. I know I’ve been hearing “cramming doesn’t help” since day one; but I continue to do it anyway. Hopefully this year I can avoid it by remembering these tips and I won’t have to pull all-nighters in the campus library.

First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind that the first step to successful studying is figuring out HOW you learn and finding study methods that work for you. The same tricks may work wonders for someone but not help you when it comes to remembering every bone in the body.
  • Color-coding is good for visual learners. It’s recommended to use this for classes where memorization is key. is a site that allows you to make flashcards online so you can take them with you on a mobile device and they can be color-coded.
  • Personal positive reinforcement is a great motivator. If you need to read a long article, place a goldfish or gummy bear intermittently through the pages so that when you’ve read and understood everything up to that point, you get a snack. Reward yourself with a few minutes of Pinterest or Facebook.  Just be sure to set a timer so that you know when to get back to work.
  • Writing out notes as opposed to typing them helps many kinesthetic learners. The physical act of writing has been proven to help retain information more than typing.
  • Using mnemonics is another time-tested memorizing tradition. I still remember all of the Great Lakes because I can remember H.O.M.E.S.
  • Teach someone else the material. Ask your roommate to listen or explain it to your fish. You will be more likely to recall it on an exam if you can elucidate the content aloud.

None of these tips are earth shattering or a guarantee to a perfect score; but they are helpful and proven to work.  They come from sisters who are going through the same stressors and difficulties as all of us!  Keep motivating yourself to study and remember how important scholarship is to Alpha Phi!

So much thanks to Mackenzie Confer, Gabby Lavoie, Kelby Sankey, Mandy Sherer, Caitlin Agan, Meg Naumovich and Jordan Fink for letting me in on your study secrets!

Emily Nickels is a collegiate member at Ball State (Delta Rho). Read her bio by clicking here.

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