November 7, 2013

On the Road: Gratitude for the ELCs Before Me

One question I’m frequently asked on the road is “Why did you decide to become an ELC?” The more I think about why I decided to become an Educational Leadership Consultant, the more I realize how much I was influenced by interactions with ELCs during my collegiate experience. Having been a part of the first new member class of the Iota Mu chapter at Georgia Tech, I saw ELCs almost on a daily basis. These women encouraged and pushed me to try new ideas and accomplish goals I would have never thought possible. 

They persuaded me to go on my first continuous open bidding coffee date (a success), encouraged me to run for various positions, and were there simply as a support system. As officers, our ELCs pushed us to do what we might not have enjoyed at the time, but they knew it was best for the chapter and we would, in the end, be stronger and more knowledgeable because of their guidance. I can honestly say because of these women and their belief in me, that today, I am an ELC.

Alpha Phi has given me innumerable opportunities and friendships in just a few short years and the ELCs were stewards for this amazing organization. ELCs’ objectives are to help chapters grow strategically and strengthen membership; but along the way, they touch so many Alpha Phis, inspiring them to do and be better than they were before. In my journey as an ELC, I hope I have been able to impact at least one woman to think outside the box or give her the courage to grow and strengthen her chapter. 

I have come across many women on my visits—eight different chapters just this semester—who have said they are applying to become an ELC because they want to give back what was so generously given to them. With that, I know they are thankful for the women who have impacted their lives and this organization that helped them strive to the highest ideals of womanhood.

I would like to give a shout out to just a few of the many ELCs who impacted me greatly while I was in college: Sam Stawicki (Epsilon Rho-UC/Davis), Anne McMurray Wolfcale (Beta - Northwestern), Megan Keim Bartlett (Epsilon Gamma - Sacramento State), Brittany Fertig (Delta Zeta - Maryland), Hilary Bahn (Delta Gamma - Northern Colorado), Gigi Saca (Epsilon Rho - UC/Davis), Claire Wietig (Alpha - Syracuse), and last, but certainly not least, Allie Winkelman (Gamma Epsilon - Lake Forest). Thank you for everything you have done for the Iota Mu chapter and what you continue to do for Alpha Phi. I hope you know you have impacted so many Alpha Phis and everyone is tremendously grateful for what you have done.

Stephanie Savtiz (Iota Mu-Georgia Tech) is a first year ELC.

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