November 8, 2013

Collegiate Perspective: Recruitment Firsts

Iota Sigma initiated our first new member class last weekend. The week leading up to initiation was exciting for all of us – with Big/Little reveal on Thursday, Court of Ivy on Friday, and Initiation on Saturday morning – and all of the festivities took place for the first time in our brand new house.  It was so exciting to welcome all of our new members into our Phi families, and officially welcome them as sisters after all of our hard work throughout recruitment to get and maintain our amazing first new member class.

Iota Sigma’s first formal recruitment was a great experience and bonding experience for our chapter.  From crafting with our wonderful ELCs (thanks, Chelsea and Emily!), to skewering hundreds fruit kebobs while country music blared through our kitchen, working together with my sisters to prepare our house and ourselves for formal recruitment.  We gushed about PNM crushes and had a little bit too much sugar from all the Red Bull on bid night, but I could not have been prouder with how my sisters and I handled a few of the bumps in the road.  Everything didn’t always go according to plan, but all of our hard work and preparation made us ready to deal with unexpected obstacles. Our sisterhood is even stronger thanks to all the memories we made prepping for and experiencing our own first formal recruitment as a chapter.

Our Big/Little reveal was an exciting time to watch all of our Phi families grow, and our new members were so excited to find out which of their sisters had been baking them treats and giving them crafts all week long.  Court of Ivy and Initiation were very special experiences to all of Iota Sigma’s founding members.  Just last year each of us experienced these ceremonies thanks to the hard work of our extension team, chapter advisors, ELCs, and Alpha Phi volunteers who took the time to make our ceremonies memorable and special for all of us.  It was amazing to share these ceremonies with our new sisters and realize how far we’ve come as a chapter since our installation and initiation last spring.

It’s a busy time of the year for Alpha Phi chapters everywhere and Iota Sigma is no exception.  Although we are all busy with schoolwork, campus activities, and job searches, initiating our first new member class this last weekend was a very special experience for the founding members of Iota Sigma.  We were be able to see our hard work in preparing for formal recruitment pay off in ceremonies that mean so much to Alpha Phis everywhere.     

Catherine Spence is a collegiate member at Carnegie Mellon (Iota Sigma). Read her bio by clicking here.

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