November 4, 2013

Collegiate Perspective: New Chapter Cultivating New Members

To engage a potential new member is always a challenge. We want to be competitive with other sororities on campus, but because we’re new, people don’t know our history to base their opinion on. We have been actively shaping our image on campus, and the benefits from our work have been amazing. We have the mysterious vibe going for us – people don’t know a lot about us or how we started, but all of a sudden we’re here.

When I was joining Alpha Phi, I loved the immediate sense of family. Everyone was there for a similar reason, and so we provided a space for each other on a sort of mutual trust. At times we were a bit clueless too – it was mysterious to all of us. But something in each of us wanted that group of people to call sisters, and so we joined.

Almost one year into Alpha Phi’s Iota Tau chapter’s existence, we are about to start our first formal recruitment on campus. Until now, members have joined through the COB process (continual open bidding). We’ve met so many incredible upperclassmen this semester, many of whom were initiated last week. But freshmen are a new crowd of PNMs.

We made our first appearance at a Panhellenic open house last week – it was a huge success. We had 15 of our members represent Alpha Phi along with 15 girls from each other chapter on campus. Freshmen were really interested in us; we’re small, and new, and that’s exciting.

This first recruitment is obviously important – this is where we will solidify the first impression of our image. More than that, though, we are all so excited to have a new class of members. We’re eager to open up our world of Alpha Phi to freshmen, and to show them how well it has treated us. There will be lots of hard work put into recruitment – but the promise of new members excites us. It will be worth it.

Elizabeth MeLampy is a collegiate member at Harvard (Iota Tau). Read her bio by clicking here.

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