November 26, 2013

On the Road: Forward Thinking & Officer Transitions

Traveling for Alpha Phi opens so many doors to new experiences, people and relationships. Every chapter, executive council, advisor and member is different, unique and interesting; almost no two chapters operate the same! But what I have found to be similar at many successful chapters is the concept of forward thinking and proactive leadership. Alpha Phi women have a “pioneering spirit,” a proactivity that has the power to initiate change and establish new traditions. Regardless of the region, school or chapter, the women I have met during my time as an ELC are motivated to see their chapters and sisterhoods succeed! It is these forward thinking members—both collegiate and alumnae—that keep our Fraternity moving ahead.

This proactive spirit is particularly applicable as we come to the end of the fall semester. The best way to ensure that a chapter and its leaders have the resources needed to be successful in their future roles is to hold a thorough and efficient transition retreat! There are numerous manuals and guidelines available online for the transition process that are helpful. If you haven’t looked at them recently, check them out. It is important to remember what happens through the course of a year, the changes being implemented and the chapter’s plans for the future.

The online resources mentioned above can help chapters by asking pointed questions, providing built-in guidance and offering helpful tips and suggestions. Passing down important information to the newest officers is a great way to continue Alpha Phi’s propensity for forward thinking. Preparing for the future now will dictate a large part of a chapter’s success in the semesters—and even years—to come! 

Camille Stephens (Eta Upsilon-Chapman) is a first year Educational Leadership Consultant.

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