November 1, 2013

Collegiate Perspective: Alpha Phi Opportunities, No Matter Your Location

This past week our chapter was lucky enough to receive a visit from an Educational Leadership Consultant. Melissa Mauer from UC/Davis (Epsilon Rho) came all the way from sunny California to mentor and share her knowledge with two of the Alpha Phi chapters located in Ontario. I took the opportunity to sit down with her, and during our conversation we discussed the differences between Greek Life in Canada and the United States

In Canada, we are a much smaller community as a whole, especially compared to the United States where there are over 140 Alpha Phi chapters. Only 25 out of the 89 universities in Canada have a Greek Life community and out of those 25 campuses, there are only 6 that have Alpha Phi chapters. 

In Canada, a smaller Greek Life community actually creates closer Panhellenic bonds among the different organizations. Since we make up such a small portion of the community, we really have to stick together to be noticed among other clubs and organizations on campus, especially because we are not recognized officially by our university.

I also noticed differences when Melissa mentioned that during her collegiate years, her chapter averaged anywhere between 125-140 members, and there were 8 different sororities on her campus. Here at Wilfrid Laurier (Iota Theta), we currently have around 90 members in our chapter, and we only have 6 Greek groups on our campus.

Having the opportunity to learn from an ELC was definitely a defining Alpha Phi moment for me. I learned about the many different ways to connect with other sisters, whether it’s attending Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI), having an ELC visit, or joining an alumnae chapter, Alpha Phi provides members with a variety of opportunities to get involved—and stay involved—for life.

Chelsea Birtch is a collegiate member at Wilfrid Laurier (Iota Theta). Read her bio by clicking here.

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