June 27, 2013

Professional and Personal Growth after Graduation with AFLV

It is frequently said that college is the best four years of your life. It is also said that being in a sorority provides friends and connections that expand beyond those four years at your university and last a lifetime. I recently found out how true this was through my internship with the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV) at its West Fraternal Leadership Conference in Costa Mesa, California. It was a wonderful way to stay involved in Greek life, meet other fraternity and sorority members and also give back to younger men and women on their Greek life journey.

I was selected to be a graduate intern with nine other men and women from across the United States that hailed from different chapters and councils. Upon applying, I was told that I would get the experience of a lifetime not only in the networking opportunities that would be presented but also by way of the leadership skills I would garner from the experience. I experienced this and more!

Upon my arrival, I instantly had a new set of friends and colleagues that I knew I could count on for life. The thought of Greek life providing me with sisters in Alpha Phi suddenly expanded to brothers and sisters in other chapters. I also noted with pride that many Alpha Phis attended the conference in leadership roles as well as professional positions—for that, hats off to you ladies! I later met many of these phi-nomenal women and made some great connections for my job search. Our sisters were more than willing to provide me with opportunities they knew of in order to help me succeed.

As an intern, I learned invaluable leadership skills that have translated back into my current position quite nicely. I was able to observe and take part in an intense check-in process that required attention to detail as well as patience. Customer service was always of the utmost importance during this and other procedures as we were not only representing our individual chapters but also AFLV as interns. Professionalism was also of the utmost importance as we were often the front lines of information for students, staff, and professional speakers attending the conference.

Now, you may be thinking that my experience as an intern may not relate to your work if you don’t work in Greek affairs. I would beg to differ. The skills I listed above are vital to succeeding in any field! I have found the principles of attention to detail, customer service, and professionalism to be the forefront of my daily work persona. Overall, I am beyond lucky and thankful to have been afforded the experience as an AFLV intern. I met and mingled with hundreds of individuals that have all touched my life in some way.

Beth Little (Theta Lambda-Central Missouri) interned at AFLV after graduating in 2012. Her position focused on conference management. 

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