February 21, 2013

Take it to Heart: A Message from Alpha Phi Foundation

Heart disease is the number one killer of women.

As Alpha Phis we take this statement to heart. We see it as a reason to stand together, hand in hand, and fight.

We fight to raise awareness, empowering women to understand their risk factors. We fight by providing funding for critical research and educational programs to improve women’s heart health through our annual Heart to Heart Grant. We fight because together we can make an impact.

February is Heart Health Month, a time when national focus joins ours, and shifts to women’s heart health. This focus doesn’t have to end when the month does.

Alpha Phi Foundation wants you to continue the fight all year long. Here are five easy ways you can take a stand, and care for your heart all year long:

  1. Connect with sisters who have heart disease stories to share. These women want you to stay informed!
  2. Add a little sparkle to your wardrobe with this Limited Edition Red Dress Pin honoring the 20th Anniversary of our Heart to Heart Grant. Purchase yours today here.
  3. Learn the risk factors associated with heart disease in women here.
  4. Follow the Foundation on Facebook and Twitter for a variety of heart health tips ranging from heart-healthy recipes to heart disease fast facts and ways to start the conversation with your doctor.
  5. Support the Foundation with a gift designated to the advancement of women's heart health. Make your donation here.

However you choose to care for your heart, we thank you for joining the fight, and for standing with us hand in hand, in support of women's heart health. With your support, we are advancing women's lives through the power of philanthropy.

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