February 20, 2013

Passing the Baton... College to Real World

As May rapidly approaches and the potential for a new summer job, or the real world, nears, you may find yourself asking, should I or should I not list my homecoming candidacy on my resume? Does Director of Music really have anything to do with being the head life guard? Will XYZ company care that I was the Director for Formal Recruitment? These questions are an easy YES! Allow me to explain…

Although it may seem as though these positions and awards within your chapter are simply that, they have helped in making you the capable young woman you are today. Allow employers the opportunity to delve deeper into these topics in your interview. If, by chance, they do not specifically ask about your involvement within Alpha Phi, utilize other questions to tie in your experiences. For example…

Could you please tell us of a time in which you have faced a difficult decision and how you handled that?

While I was a sophomore in college, I was making the decision to run for an office within my sorority or to represent my chapter in a position in the greater Greek life community. This decision was difficult for me for two reasons. The first being that I was already heavily involved and needed to be sure I could commit to another position. In order to finalize my thoughts on this, I sought out my sorority advisor and had a very candid conversation with them about my commitments and their thoughts on my abilities. After determining this, the second issue no longer seemed to be a problem. Once I had discussed my initial concern, the rest fell into place and I decided to represent my chapter to the Greek community as I loved interacting with other individuals and seeing/hearing new viewpoints.

How do you handle stress?

During my time as the Panhellenic Delegate for my chapter, there were a handful of times in which I encountered some stressful situations regarding the position. I chose to handle the stress by speaking with my advisors about the issue and listening to their suggestions before finding the one that worked best for me and solving the issue with a clear head. Now, I have learned to solve the stresses on my own by simply taking a step back and thinking through whatever is affecting me prior to moving forward with an open mind.

Would you consider time management to be a strength of yours? Why or why not?

I would consider time management to be a strength that I possess. I was the Homecoming Queen candidate for Alpha Phi my senior year of college. While I was candidate, I had multiple duties which ranged from attending candidate meetings to writing a cheer and managing the budget set forth by my chapter. I was able to utilize multiple different aspects of my personality. However, I did all of this while also maintaining my normal membership duties and holding two on-campus jobs as well as upholding my academics. During this time, I learned to fine tune my time management skills to fit the situation and its needs while also providing support and encouragement to my sisters and co-workers for helping and supporting me.

Those are a mere three ways in which you can incorporate your time as a phi-nomenal member of Alpha Phi into an interview for a new position. Overall, an employer is going to be impressed with the fabulous woman you are regardless of what examples you may provide, but integrating your time in Alpha Phi is a great way to show your passion for our sisterhood as well as for a lifelong commitment that your future employer is sure to take note of.

Beth Little is a first year graduate student at Kansas State University pursuing a degree in College Student Development. She is a member of the Theta Lambda chapter at the University of Central Missouri. While at UCM, Beth was chosen to represent Alpha Phi in multiple ways as a member and co-chair of the Greek Week executive board, Gamma Chi recruitment counselor, Homecoming Queen candidate and Panhellenic Delegate. She also held the title of "Sister Most Involved on Campus" for four years and was chosen as the Order of the Ivy recipient for 2011-2012. Beth now has a graduate assistantship with Kansas State University as an Assistant Coordinator for Apartment Living. Some of her hobbies include tweeting, crafting, shopping, reading, watching movies, and, of course, writing!

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