September 30, 2012

Alpha Phi Founders' Day 2012

If you do a Google search on “Alpha Phi Founders’ Day,” the results might yield “September 30, 1872” as our founding date. Today, you might also see other organizations wishing us “Happy Founders’ Day” via social media outlets and on the web and think to yourself, But Founders’ Day isn’t until October 10!

October 10 is our celebrated Founders’ Day, but our organization was in fact founded on September 30, 1872. Our ten Founders met on September 18 to plan the sisterhood, and on September 30, at the home of Ida Gilbert, six freshmen, three sophomores and one junior initiated themselves into Alpha Phi.

While today is the official founding date, we hope you celebrate with us October 10 to honor these amazing women and the tradition that began nearly 140 years ago. You can view alumnae chapter Founders’ Day events here, or if you happen to be in the Chicago area, please stop by the Executive Office in Evanston to celebrate with our Fraternity and Foundation staff.

Tomorrow also marks the start of our Founders’ Day facts, where we will share details and little known information about the Founders through our social media outlets. Be sure to keep an eye out on these pages today and in the days leading up to October 10 to learn more about the ten influential women who shaped our sisterhood.

Kristen Mitchell is the Program Manager of Marketing and Communications at the Alpha Phi Executive Office. You can reach her at

    Photo Caption: Back row, left to right:Louise Shepard Hancock, Jane Higham, Clara Bradley Burdette, Clara Sittser Williams
Front row, left to right: Ida Gilbert Houghton, Martha Foote Crow.

September 29, 2012

Meet the Fall 2012 Collegiate Guest Bloggers

Alexandria Hudson (Gamma Eta-North Texas)
Alexandria Hudson is a junior at The University of North Texas double majoring in technical communication and English literature. She loves writing and editing, and she is a former Dallas Morning News Student Voice columnist. She currently serves Gamma Eta chapter as the director of philanthropy. She hopes that through blogging her experiences, other women will be able to learn, grow and hopefully be inspired to be stronger Alpha Phis who learn to be more active and involved in their chapters and on campus. This semester, Alexandria will also serve as an intern for The American Literary Review (an academic journal published through the UNT creative writing department). She is very close to my family, and is an Alpha Phi legacy (her mother went to Texas Tech, Gamma Iota). She spends her free time teaching yoga, running with her dogs, playing on the club tennis team and dancing to David Bowie.

Amanda Bryant (Chi-Montana)

Amanda Bryant is a junior at the University of Montana, where she is a member of the Chi chapter. She is currently pursuing a double major in journalism and political science, and she intends to go to law school after graduating. Amanda loves all things outdoors; camping, hiking, laying around outside, you name it. She also enjoys exercising, reading, writing, going to concerts, hanging out with friends, and of course, Alpha Phi. Through her blog posts, Amanda hopes to document her Alpha Phi journey and provide you with ideas on how to make your sisterhood experience a little more memorable. She’s so happy to have been chosen as a collegiate blogger, and she’s very excited to start writing!

Atlee Mathews (Epsilon Delta-Northern Illinois)
Atlee Mathews is a senior at Northern Illinois University majoring in nursing with minors in Spanish and global studies. She is currently the vice president of marketing for Epsilon Delta. She is an avid dancer and has been coaching two competitive dance teams and teaching recreational dance for the past five years. Once she graduates, she would like to pursue her masters in nursing and become a nurse practitioner.

Lindsey Schaefer (Gamma Omicron-Drake)
Lindsey Schaefer is a senior public relations major at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. She has served on various committees within Alpha Phi, and was previously her chapter's music chair. Outside of Alpha Phi Lindsey enjoys staying busy in other social and professional organizations on campus including the Drake Choir and the Drake chapter of PRSSA, as well as working as a public relations intern. Lindsey has a passion for traveling, and has visited over 14 countries. Some of her favorite things include singing while she drives, boating, guacamole, anything beauty related and, of course, having dance parties with her Alpha Phi sisters!

  Lindsey Skaza (Delta Pi-Indiana State)
Lindsey Skaza is a senior at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Ind., where she is a member of the Delta Pi chapter. She is majoring in communications with a concentration in electronic media and interpersonal communication and a minor in music. Throughout Lindsey’s collegiate career, she has held many offices including: Panhellenic delegate, music chair and vice president of membership recruitment. She currently serves as one of Delta Pi’s directors of new member education, as well as chapter president.

September 28, 2012

Featured Product Friday: Stamps from Three Designing Women


Make a good first impression with every letter you send and every note you write! These adorable sorority-specific stamps from Three Designing Women will help you do just that. With numerous Alpha Phi designs and the option to personalize, Three Designing Women stamps are perfect for chapter-specific correspondence. So here's your chance to win an amazing stamp set. Click here to be re-directed to our Facebook page. Then, share the photo. We'll select someone at random from those shares to win this amazing package from Three Designing Women! Good luck!

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September 26, 2012

Guest Post by RESPONSE ABILITY Project Founder Mike Dilbeck

This post was written by Mike Dilbeck, Founder & President of the RESPONSE ABILITY Project and also Founder of the EveryDay Hero Campaign in honor of National Hazing Prevention Week. Every year, Mike speaks to thousands of college students as a CAMPUSPEAK speaker and member of the National Speakers Association. When he is not traveling, he works on expanding the RA Project, writing articles and blogs, conducting training and workshops, and appearing in the media.

Alpha Phi is proud to be an official sponsor of the RESPONSE ABILITY Project and the EveryDay Hero Campaign.

As we honor National Hazing Prevention Week, I want to challenge us all to think about the unnecessary and harmful act of hazing from all angles. While there are certainly the two obvious parties involved in, and impacted by, hazing — the victims and the perpetrator(s) — I want to address the rest of us who may see, hear or even know about these acts. Much has been, and will be, talked about this week in regards to those impacted directly by these unnecessary acts.

However, I will argue that we don’t talk enough about the third party to hazing — the bystanders. While we are certainly shining the spotlight this week on hazing, it’s also important to include other often related problem behaviors like bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual violence, discrimination and everyday life issues. By including these, it’s safe to say we are all bystanders. We have all witnessed problem behaviors in our lives and, while there have certainly been times where we intervened, there are way too many times we didn’t.

We stayed silent. We laughed along. We walked away. We participated. We froze.

When it comes to these actions — or inactions — from ourselves and others, I refuse to believe this is what we actually want to do in that moment of time. I refuse to believe that we don’t care and want to make the difference for those being impacted. I refuse to believe that we don’t know the difference between right and wrong. I refuse to believe that we don’t want to intervene in problem situations.

And, I refuse to believe that every single one of us doesn’t want to be a hero for others, for organizations we love, and for issues we care about.

I choose to believe that we do care and that we want the best for each other. I believe that every person has values of love, compassion, caring, respect, and acceptance — and these act as our moral compass. I believe that we really do want to intervene and make the difference for others — to keep each other safe and protected — to show dignity and respect.

And, I believe we all want to be heroes.

We are all committed to being a certain kind of human being in life and there are actions we want to take as a demonstration of who we say we are and want to be for others. In our own respective and unique ways, we actually say “this is who I am and this is what you can count on me for!”

So, here’s the question: do your actions in life match what you say? Is the “you” that shows up in life — especially in critical momentary situations — a match for who you say you are and the commitments you have?

If I gave you a hypothetical scenario — one where someone was in trouble and needed your intervention — and asked you what you would do, would you say you would intervene in some way? I believe you would. I believe we all would. If you take all the reasons, justifications, excuses, doubts, fears, and rationalizations away from the equation, we all believe that we would intervene in that situation. It’s the noble thing to say and this matches who we say we are in life. But, not so quick.

Let’s look at the Penn State child rape and sexual abuse case — already one of the most layered cases of bystander behavior. I actually refuse to believe that Coach Mike McQueary is an awful villain, as many have made him out to be. I believe he really did want to immediately intervene when he walked into that shower and saw Jerry Sandusky sodomizing that 10-year-old boy. Yet, what he did and didn’t do became water cooler conversation for days — many of us being armchair quarterbacks for what he should have done.

Here’s my take: what happened to Mike McQueary happens to all of us — our alter ego takes over. There is the person we are all committed to being in life. Then, in the reality of a situation, there is the “you” that shows up in that moment of time. Unfortunately, it’s not the “you” that you wanted to show up. It’s a “you” that lets fear take over. It’s a “you” that listens to your naysayers, even to your own internal voice. It’s a “you” that does nothing — or doesn’t do enough.

I believe most of us are no different than Mike McQueary. We are no better. While we want to believe otherwise, we don’t know what we will actually do in the reality of any momentary choice. We simply want to believe we will do what is right.

How do I know this? What evidence do I have? As I travel the country and speak, I invite audience members to text me and share their stories. I have received thousands of stories on the impact of bystander behavior — as a bystander or as a victim to others being bystanders. The stories are heartbreaking. So many of us have had at least one moment that made a lasting impact and mark on our lives — one that we have never forgotten. One that we have never forgiven ourselves or others for.

To the positive, I have had conversations with many of these same people and they share that they do care and they do want to do what is right. I also receive texts, emails, Facebook messages and submissions on our website where people are now taking actions that match their values — they are actually intervening in problem situations. Many of them share they literally would not have done what they did without hearing the message of the RESPONSE ABILITY® Project and holding themselves accountable.

I hope you are now asking, “How do I have my actions match who I am committed to being in life?” Great question!

I want to provide you the three critical tools I have put together as a framework for being equipped and empowered in life — no matter your age, roles in life, or gender — to make the difference you want to make and to be a hero. These are three life skills you can use for the rest of your life — in any moment when you say there is a problem.

To get these critical tools, go to the Alpha Phi page on the RESPONSE ABILITY Project website and take the EveryDay Hero™ pledge. Once you take the pledge, you will immediately receive an email from me with a link to download a PDF of the three tools and also view a special training video I have recorded.

In closing, I refuse to believe you don’t want to make this difference. I refuse to believe there is anything you want more than to live out this pledge in your life. Go ahead, try and convince me otherwise — I just refuse to believe we are anything less than caring, loving, extraordinary human beings who just want to make the difference for others, for our organizations and for issues we care about.

I refuse to believe.

This is what allows me to totally believe in the good in all of us.

September 21, 2012

Featured Product Friday: More Beautiful Necklaces from Jewel Kade

Last week we featured Licensed Vendor Jewel Kade's Pewter stamped necklaces, and we just can't get enough! Here are three more versions of their one-of-a-kind necklaces featuring Alpha Phi letters and Swarovski crystals. Perfect for a Big Sis/Lil Sis gift, a gift to a chapter advisor or a special treat for yourself!

Left:  Alpha Phi Greek Letters Jack Tag - Hand-stamped pewter tag.  Includes 26 inch ball chain.  Sale Price $25 (Free Shipping)

Center: Hand-stamped pewter Jack Tag, "Sister" with Alpha Phi Kate Stamp and Swarovski crystal.  Comes with 26 inch ball chain.  $50 (Free shipping)

Right:   "Sister" hand stamp on pewter tag.  Comes with 26 inch ball chain.  $22 (Free shipping)

Email Ava Genung at to place your order or call her at 602-980-0631.
Quantities are limited.

September 14, 2012

Featured Product Friday: Jewel Kade Necklaces

If you missed Jewel Kade at Alpha Phi's Convention this past summer, here's your chance to purchase their one-of-a-kind stamp necklaces.

Left: AOE Pewter Kate hand-stamped charm with Swarovski crystal. Comes with 18 inch small ball chain. $30 (Free Shipping)

Right: Alpha Phi Greek Kate Stamp - Pewter hand-stamped with Swarovski Crystal with 18 inch small ball chain. $30 (Free Shipping)
To place your order, please contact Ava Genung at
or call her at 602-980-0631.
Check back next Friday for more beautiful items from Jewel Kade!

September 7, 2012

Featured Product Friday: Sorority Specialties Camelbak

Just flip, bite and sip; no tipping required with this Alpha Phi water bottle! This .75L Eddy bottle from Camelbak features BPA free raspberry plastic, redesigned cap and bite valve (to deliver water faster) and white Alpha Phi print. These can also be done as custom orders! This Camelbak comes in the following colors: charcoal, purple, lime green, clear, royal, hunter green, navy, raspberry, orange and red. For more specific details or to order, please click here.

Pricing is as follows:
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