July 27, 2012

Featured Product Friday: The Perfect Back to School Tank

Check out this adorable American Apparel floral tank from Greek Licensed Vendor The Greek Supply! This tank is available in turquoise or white and is priced at $15.00.
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Each shirt is hand screened and may have slight variations in ink color and graphic placement. Because they are hand screened, there may be small imperfections in the print making each garment special and unique.
*Super soft tee. Printed with eco friendly water based inks.
*To care for, wash in cold water, tumble dry medium.
* Garments are loose fit and run big.

July 20, 2012

Featured Product Friday: GEICO and Alpha Phi

GEICO and Alpha Phi have worked together to bring you an exclusive savings opportunity on car insurance.  New GEICO policyholders report average annual savings of $500, and you could save more when you mention your Alpha Phi affiliation.  And once you’re a GEICO policyholder, you’ll receive prompt, professional service 24/7.  GEICO is also able to help you find great rates on homeowners, renters, umbrella, and even motorcycle coverage.  Take advantage of your Alpha Phi discount and find out how much GEICO could save you!  Click here to complete a free rate quote today.  Also, when you complete your quote and mention your Alpha Phi membership, GEICO will make a contribution to Alpha Phi.

July 13, 2012

Featured Product Friday: Tanks from Ring Ching Ching

Check out these three adorable Alpha Phi tanks from
Greek Licensed Vendor Ring Ching Ching!

1. Gradient Tank:  $24.00
This gradient white tank is loose fitting and runs generous in size. Printed with a two color gradient front print in bright colors. A must have! Order here.
2. Can't Touch This Tank: $25.00
American Apparel Neon Pink Tank- with two color printing on the front and Alpha Phi letters in bright orange! Perfect for intramurals! Order here.
3. Disco Tank: $25.00
American Apparel oversized viscose tank in dark orchid with silver foil print on the front in a disco font! Available in one size only (+1). Custom orders available for 36 or more shirts in different color ink and shirt styles. Please inquire at info@ringchingching.com or order individually by clicking here.

4. And pair these quirky knee socks with one of the above tanks!

July 10, 2012

Recap: Be the Person Conference 2012

Atlee Mathews (Epsilon Delta-Northern Illinois) recently attended the BE THE PERSON Conference 2012, a collaboration between Phired Up Productions and the RA Project. BE THE PERSON is an inaugural event, and this year 70 participants gathered at Loyola University to not just talk about becoming leaders, change agents, and EveryDay Heroes, but to actually learn by doing. Read about Atlee’s experience below.

Atlee on how BE THE PERSON 2012 will help her in the future.
Attending this conference gave me the strength and assurance that I needed to believe that I can accomplish my dreams and goals, not only with Alpha Phi, but in my life. We completed exercises that ranged from standing on the corners of a busy intersection of Chicago during rush hour with motivating signs to put a smile on the driver’s faces, to learning how to have genuine and true conversations with people. I have never been on such an emotional roller coaster before in my life, but I would experience it all again in a heartbeat. I have this conference in the back of my mind all day, every day now. I used to be filled with self-doubt, convincing myself that I was unable to make people feel my passion about my life cause; but after this conference, I know that I am capable of changing the world, one person at a time. It doesn’t take a grand gesture to make a difference in someone’s life, all you need is one person, being comfortable with feeling vulnerable and putting themselves out there to meet someone in a genuine and honest way. After all, any great relationship in life is started with a simple handshake…and I learned that I want to be the person that extends my arm out first.

Atlee on what it means to be socially excellent.
Being socially excellent isn’t simply a definition; it’s a lifestyle you embody. It means being willing to put yourself out there. It means that you dig deep within yourself to find something that you are passionate about, your cause, and strive to build relationships that will enrich your life and advance your ability to further your cause. Being socially excellent means being “that” person in many situations; the person that sits next to a stranger on the bus and says “hi,” the person that calls someone every week and tells him or her how inspirational they are, or the person that actually does what others simply talk about. Basically, being socially excellent, to me, means being the person that goes the extra mile to make someone else’s day a little bit better—because you genuinely want to. Because while you do this, you bring out a part of yourself that you never knew that you had—but now couldn’t imagine living without.

Atlee on bystander behavior.
My perspective on bystander behavior prior to attending this conference was a very negative perspective. I thought you always had to physically intervene in a situation and make things awkward and be the mood killer—and sometimes being that person in a situation seems overwhelming and unmanageable. This conference completely shifted my perspective on bystander behavior by 180 degrees. There are so many different ways to intervene in a situation that don’t require creating immediate confrontation. However, I am now comfortable, and much more likely to intervene in a situation that does require this type of intervention after going through the exercises at the BE THE PERSON 2012. This conference made me realize how much people are impacted by negative situations in their lives—and knowing that I can be the person that helps stop those horrible memories from forming by simply taking a minute of my life and intervening, makes me that much more astute to what is going on around me and that much more willing to step forward.

Atlee on how to be an EveryDay Hero.
Be an EveryDay Hero by doing something as simple as stepping up when people make comments or remarks about men and women in organizations different from their own and diffuse the negativity. Being an EveryDay Hero doesn’t require grand gestures and huge interventions…it simply means using the proper tools and techniques to let people in a negative or difficult situation know that what they are doing is not right, and try to understand why they feel the need to talk that way about those people, or act in the manner that they are. Being a hero is about understanding others and trying to make the situation better for all those involved; it’s being the voice for the people who are afraid to speak up for themselves.

Why Atlee recommends taking the EveryDay Hero pledge.
Everyone should sign the EveryDay Hero pledge! It pushes you to be the best version of yourself, and it makes you aware of the things going around you and urges you to intervene in situations when necessary. More people need to be like the men and women that I met at the BE THE PERSON 2012 conference, and I think that will start with more and more people signing the pledge to become an everyday hero.

July 3, 2012

Alpha Phi Emerging Leaders Institute 2012

I arrived at the Butler Alpha Phi house expecting to meet sisters, listen to speakers and experience a five-day vacation to kick off my summer. What I didn't expect was to make 49 amazing new friends, gain confidence in myself and my chapter and leave feeling both appreciative and empowered.

This May, I bonded with collegiate and alumnae women from all over the continent at Alpha Phi's Emerging Leadership Institute. The activities and curriculum during the institute--which is tailored specifically to the women of Alpha Phi--challenged us, inspired us and taught us about ourselves and our organization. This uplifting week reminded each of us why we joined Alpha Phi, and how meaningful our Alpha Phi network is. Though we each came from very different chapters, these differences reminded us how many exceptional women we can call our sisters.

We spent our five days learning about women's leadership from two very motivational and engaging speakers- -one of which was an Alpha Phi alumna! We each determined the four core values that are most important to us as an individual--mine were humility, loyalty, self awareness and honesty. During one of my favorite sessions, we studied the meaning of our rituals and symbols. Like many others, I had never taken the time to really reflect on why our ceremonies are so significant; at ELI, I gained a much deeper understanding of how intentional our founding sisters were while determining the basis of our Fraternity. Another morning was spent practicing leadership in action at a ropes course, where we were challenged to work as a team while crossing wires, climbing walls and balancing 20 women on a giant teeter-totter.

During our afternoon and evening free-time we traded Alpha Phi apparel, explored the Butler University campus and swapped stories about our home chapters. We shared ideas about philanthropy, social and sisterhood events, how to connect with alumnae or potential new members and how to handle chapter conflicts. I was surprised to see that many of the women were facing similar challenges in their chapters, as well as how much we could learn from each other. If each woman taught something to just two other women, think how many positive changes are going to be made in so many chapters!

My week at ELI was nothing short of unforgettable. Not a second was spent on negativity, but instead on lifting each other up and inspiring confidence in our sisters. I think I speak for all of the attendees when I say that no one was ready to board the bus home on our final day. I am so grateful to have spent a week of my summer on this exceptional experience, and a feel so blessed that this opportunity is available to emerging leaders in the Alpha Phi family.

Maria Opatz is a collegiate member at Drake (Gamma Omicron). Read her bio here.

July 2, 2012

How To Land Your Dream Internship

“I need to get a what? An internship? You mean, I can’t just go to class and make straight A’s and get my dream job?” Not usually. Getting an internship in your field of study is almost vital to the success of your highly sought after career. Those A’s are great and all… but when it comes to a dream-job employer, real experience is what really attracts them. Internships also allow you to figure out if a career path is right for you, so it's worth it to jump in and test the waters. Attaining an internship is often easier said than done, but here are a few tips that can make the plunge a little less scary.

First of all, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about! When it comes to your career, as cheesy as it sounds, follow your heart. Think about all the things you’ve experienced in your life, zoom in and figure out what exactly makes you feel the most alive. What’s your true sweet spot? If you focus on what you truly love, your drive for achieving those higher goals will be more in your favor, and the energy you possess about your given interest will come across in any resume or interview.

Utilize your connections. This is where Alpha Phi comes in. You’ve got an enormous network of sisters nation-wide that can loan you advice, establish a connection, or even pull you some major strings! Not sure how to tap into that network? Join the Alpha Phi group on Linked In, it’s a fantastic way to make connections and advertise your abilities to some of the people that care most about you. There’s nothing wrong with asking for some help. Later down the road, you’ll probably be that connector for someone also! Pay it forward!

Have a polished resume and a cover letter. This doesn’t mean it needs to be chalked full of experience, it just needs to be formatted correctly and free of spelling and grammar errors. A cover letter is more of an explanation of your experiences and why you’re the best fit for that specific company. Also, it doesn’t need to look like stereo instructions, add some of yourself to that black and white document; you’ll stand out from the stack. 

Apply, apply, apply! Use the 30:2 ratio. For every 30 applications you complete, you’ll usually hear back from two of them. You want to make as many options as possible available to you, so that your best-case scenario is that you’re picking between a handful of jobs. Start early, get those applications in and be sure to include a cover letter. Not sure how to find these opportunities? Subscribe to a job hunter like InternQueen.com!

The interview… yikes. Calm down! Interviews are never as scary as you think they’ll be. This is a chance for you to brag about yourself and show those people exactly why you’re so great. And now you’re faced with the age-old question: “WHAT do I wear!?” Dress for the job you want. A knee-length pencil skirt and a crisp blouse paired with modest heels is my go-to outfit for any interview. You want to be taken seriously, so that means no flats, no sundresses and definitely no spaghetti straps. Another thing to remember about interviews is to keep eye contact with your interviewers, look them straight in the eyes. Exude confidence!

Be yourself. Getting an internship doesn’t mean you need to be perfect, but being comfortable and confident in your own skin is what people really admire in candidates. If you have quirks, show them, and if you smile a lot, keep smiling. There’s nothing worse than a fake human, so relax, rock that pencil skirt and breathe.

Jamie K. White is a member at Florida State (Gamma Phi). Read her bio here.

July 1, 2012

Quarterly Review

Summer 1982

Welcome to one of Alpha Phi’s biggest and best Rush Weeks, run by Beta Delta chapter at UCLA.