November 6, 2012

Collegiate Perspective: More Than Just Red Dress...

For many chapters, a Red Dress Gala is the most advertised fundraiser benefitting Alpha Phi Foundation. Promoting women’s heart health really is the perfect opportunity to sport our gorgeous red dresses! However, it’s important to remember that the gala is not the only way to spread awareness surrounding Alpha Phi Foundation’s cause. Here are a few other fun philanthropy ideas for your chapter’s consideration:

King and/or Queen of Hearts
A fun and interactive event that will get your audience laughing. Have female and male competitors from each fraternity and sorority on campus compete with a talent, song or interview. Charge for the cost of tickets, consider doing a raffle, and offer donation jars as a way for the audience to vote for their favorite participant. It’s a great way to get people from other organizations involved in our philanthropy, and to find out who can “steal the hearts” of the Alpha Phi judges.

Hoops for Hearts
A four-on-four basketball tournament open to groups of men and women for a fee. People love sports, and any sort of tournament means competition for a good cause! Have some sort of incentive (trophy, medal, etc.) to award the winning team. An event like this would be easy to set up in your community, especially if you utilize the university gym or coordinate with your local YMCA as a sponsor. With enough advertising and word-of-mouth marketing, a positive turnout is very likely.

Move Your Phi’t 5K
Plan a 5K (3.1 mile) walk/run on campus or in your community. Participants pay a fee to enter. The cost can include a t-shirt for each participant (recommend at $30 fee) or you can encourage participants to raise funds to earn a t-shirt (recommend $50 minimum). Consider partnering with companies such as Target, Luna/Clif Bar and local bottlers to get food and water donated for two water stations along the route as well as the finish line. Alpha Phi Foundation unveiled some colorful and fun Move Your Phi’t artwork at Convention this summer that chapters are welcome to use. To get a FREE copy of this artwork, contact Leesa Havel at

Tour de Phi
This one will take some significant planning, but with enough time and effort, it can be done! Consider partnering with a local community sponsor or another campus organization to host a bike tour or race. Coordinate location stops on a scenic route around your university campus or town. Have signs with heart health facts placed along the course. Organizations, teams and individuals contribute or raise funds to participate, and at a certain amount to be determined by your chapter (recommend at least $50) they receive a “Tour de Phi” t-shirt. It’s also a good idea to have some sort of trophy or medal for the team or individual finishing with the fastest time.

For Alpha Phis, the fall semester of college is an extremely busy time of year. We jump right into recruitment upon returning to our chapters, and it doesn’t seem to slow down from that point on! A variety of events fill the spaces in our planners and gives us a lot more to balance than just our college courses, but be sure to make philanthropy a part of your schedule. There’s no commitment more worthwhile than this, so start planning and make women’s heart health and Alpha Phi Foundation one of your chapter’s priorities this year!

Amanda Bryant is a collegiate member at Chi chapter (Montana). Read her bio here.

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AshleySaxon said...

I'd love to see more ideas posted here in the comments :) Here's two to start:

1. Duck Dash: People can buy a ticket that corresponds to a rubber ducky. Then, all the ducks get tossed into a stream and whichever duck crosses the finish line wins a big prize.

2. Send Your Crush A Crush: For valentine's day, students can purchase a bottle of "crush" soda to be delivered to whoever they want