November 30, 2012

Featured Product Friday: Ring from Nava NY

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November 28, 2012

Social Media Reminder

This blog post is a friendly reminder that your chapter accounts—or any personal accounts containing Alpha Phi’s name, logo, letters or other insignia—automatically become an extension of Alpha Phi’s brand and our image as a whole.

The internet often gives individuals a false sense of anonymity, and parody accounts like “Sorority Girl Problems,” “Total Sorority Move” and “Total Frat Move” have caused an uptick in this type of anonymous posting. But here are some important things to remember:
  • Just because your account is anonymous does not make you immune to trademark violations. If your account name, image/avatar or Twitter background includes the name, logo or insignia of Alpha Phi (or another affiliate brand or organization), your account has the potential to be suspended for inappropriate content on the grounds of trademark infringement. So, before you post something derogatory or against Alpha Phi’s social media policy, ask yourself this: if my current anonymous profile/account were replaced with my name and personal photo, would I still want Alpha Phi staff, volunteers, potential new members, parents, fraternity/sorority advisors and those unfamiliar with Greek life to read my posts? If you answered “no,” it might be time to re-think your account and the information posted.

  • At the beginning of each year, members should sign a social media policy. A copy of Alpha Phi’s sample social media policy is located here. This policy states that members should refrain from posts that demean any group, including but not limited to other Greek organizations, minorities, ethnicities, cultural segments, men or women. There should be no postings or references to alcohol or drugs, and posts should be free of profanity. Use of Alpha Phi insignia must also follow the visual standards manual rules. A copy of this manual is located on the marketing department resource page under Members Only. If an individual violates any of the above, she will be held accountable by both her chapter and the International Executive Office.

  • Before posting, creating or interacting with an account, ask yourself the following questions: What is the purpose of this account or post? Does it present a positive image of Alpha Phi, my chapter and the Greek community? Will you be making Alpha Phi information or images available to everyone? Are you accurately representing Alpha Phi?

Please know that Alpha Phi takes our brand representation across social media very seriously, and that what you do as an individual or chapter impacts Alpha Phi’s image as a whole. I hope we can work together to positively brand Alpha Phi across every medium and ensure that Alpha Phi’s mission and values are held to the highest standards.

Kristen Mitchell is the Program Manager of Marketing & Communications at the Alpha Phi Executive Office. You can reach her by email at

November 27, 2012

Calling All Alpha Phis! Collegiate Perspective on Community Service

With the new executive board structure being put into practice by Alpha Phi chapters internationally, a few vice presidents/directors are lucky enough to hold some of the brand new positions that encourage our chapters to get more involved in campus events and the local community. My chapter at Northern Illinois University (NIU) is more excited than ever to have a vice president of campus affairs position and a director of community service position. No matter where you live, there are ALWAYS fun and unique community service opportunities to take advantage of, and this new position is a great way to put Alpha Phi’s mission and values to action in our local communities!

At NIU, all Greek organizations partner with an athletic team as their “sponsor” for the season. Epsilon Delta chapter is paired with the NIU men’s baseball team, and we are currently planning a community service event together. Last year we hosted a sock hop at a local nursing home with one of the fraternities on campus, and after being excitedly invited back by the management staff, we have chosen to host this event with the baseball team this year. Pairing up with non-Greek organizations is a fantastic way to get excited about community service because it gives the women of your chapter the opportunity to meet new people and spread the word about what Greek life is like.

Now—back to this sock hop! My sisters and I decorated all the common areas of the nursing home, helped serve refreshments, played games with the residents and danced the night away! Our sisters dressed up like pink ladies with poodle-skirts and the fraternity we partnered with dressed up like t-birds and greasers. At the end of the night, we even found out that one of the residents of the nursing home is a sister of Alpha Phi from another school, and another resident’s daughter is an alumna from our chapter. Getting involved in your community can give your sisters some memorable stories and create ties that you will cherish forever.

Establishing annual events with businesses and organizations like the Grand Victorian nursing home is a really simple process, but there are a few things to keep in mind. After doing your research, e-mail the business' PR department or business manager to set up an in-person appointment. In-person meetings are much more effective and result in more successful events. It always helps to wear your letters to this meeting (of course!) and show the business that you are excited to help their cause with your sisters. You would be amazed how many local organizations need volunteer help and are simply waiting for eager individuals to reach out!

One of the other great service events that my sisters and I have to look forward to this upcoming semester is co-sponsoring MLK Jr. Week at our school. This is a week-long service event where Epsilon Delta will be reading to children at public libraries, helping out with a canned food/clothing drive and helping plan civic engagement discussions. In order to make your presence known during service events like these, utilize your stellar marketing department and come up with a fun t-shirt that sisters can wear to the events to show your chapter’s presence! Most universities have a student involvement office that has information about events like our MLK JR. Week, and if you reach out to the head of this department, I promise that you will get a HUGE list of fun community service events for your chapter.

Good luck with your community service next semester and remember, any great event is just a phone call (or an in-person meeting) away! It just takes the right women to show initiative and desire to make a difference on their campuses! I call all sisters to stand up, utilize this amazing new VP position, and change your communities!

Atlee Mathews is a collegiate member at Northern Illinois University (Epsilon Delta). Click here to read her bio.

November 23, 2012

Featured Product Friday: Tank from Dormify

Alpha Phi Tri-Blend American Apparel Racer
Back Tank-Heart from Dormify, $32
Wear your heart on your tank! Although the wearer of the Heart Alpha Phi Tank absolutely “hearts” Alpha Phi, this racer back tank has a double meaning. This symbolic tank also represents Alpha Phi’s philanthropic focus on women's heart health. Stylish on the outside and symbolic of a good cause, this tank will capture the hearts of all Alphi Phi sisters.

  • Available in small, medium or large
  • Soft Tri-Blend, 50% polyester / 25% cotton / 25% rayon construction
  • Form fitting. Order one size up for a loose fit
  • Silkscreened print softens in wash
  • Printed on an American Apparel Tri-Blend Racer Back Tank
  • DFY by Dormify
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November 22, 2012

I'm Thankful for Alpha Phi Because...

We posted this question to our social media outlets earlier this week. Here are some of our favorite responses!

I’m thankful for Alpha Phi because….

…It gave me a new outlook on life and the wonderful opportunity to make new friends. – Kirsten Hanford

…As I fight my battle against cancer, I know that my sisters are always there for me and that I don’t have to fight this battle alone. – Katie Lundy

…Even when I feel sad or I’m at my lowest, Alpha Phi always finds a way to bring me back up, reminding me of who I am and where I want to be. – Samantha Padilla

… It’s such a good feeling to know I am part of something much bigger than myself! – Melissa Webb Earnest

…Of all the friendships, especially with Susan Brink Sherratt. Our friendship and sisterhood continues throughout life's ups and downs and now another generation. Both our daughters are also our sisters! – Joy Sayed Murray

….I never feel lonely or sad anymore, and even when I do, Alpha Phi always figures out a way to make me feel better. I feel blessed to be a part of this fraternity. – Komal Moondi

…Of sisters across the decades sharing a common bond. We can always find things in common because we KNOW we have a solid foundation and trust between us. – Janet Bryant

… Of the ability to learn something new every day and wear our letters with pride! - Alexis McClain

….Of the lifelong sisters/friends and memories that I have made at Delta Mu (Purdue). I’m thankful that I’ve been put in touch with a whole new group of friends at my Las Vegas Alumnae Chapter. – Susan Wurster Hansen

…I am thankful for my Alpha Phi sisters who are also my sisters-in law for the last 39 years! – Kathy Miller

…My best friends to this day are my Alpha Phi sisters from LSU (Delta Tau). Geaux Tigers! – Erin Donahue Druhan

…No matter where you go in this world there are sisters to meet!– Stinson Muirhead

…My daughter is also my sister :). Love my APhi! – Diane Hansen Olivieri

…I’m thankful for Alpha Phi because of the bonds of sisterhood. And the fact that I get to share something so special with my actual sister, Chelsea Creque. – Janet Creque

…It is an everlasting commitment. Alpha Phi is forever!- Rachelle Gunderson Smith

November 21, 2012

Collegiate Perspective: Holding a Successful Event on Campus

The Gamma Eta chapter helps to raise money for the Alpha Phi Foundation on campus at The University of North Texas through an annual event called Pancake Phi’st. We invite students from all over campus to come to our chapter house and eat as many pancakes as they can, all night long. From 9pm-3am our sisters serve buttermilk, chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes to our guests. Everyone pays $5 at the door and can stay and hangout as long as they like. This event is another way that we are able to come together as sisters to work to increase awareness for women’s heart health. Here are some ways that you can help to make your philanthropy event-- or any event for that matter-- the best one on campus.

Set the date for your event at the beginning of the semester. The longer that you give your chapter to prepare, the more successful your event will be. Pre-planning gives everyone time to get excited and to work through all major and minor details.

Most of us know that social media is the easiest and sometimes the most effective way to spread the word to the masses. Your event absolutely needs a Facebook event page so that sisters and friends can easily invite people to the event. With the event page you can also remind guests of pertinent information, inform them of any changes and make sure that everyone knows what is going on. This is also a good place to explain what your philanthropy does and include links to the International website and Foundation website for people to learn more about the cause!

Keep the Cost Low
$5 per person is cheap for unlimited amounts of pancakes. Keeping the cost low will help your chapter to bring more hungry college students through the event as the night goes on. More people = more money for the Alpha Phi Foundation!

Keep the Energy High
Keep the party going! Make a playlist that you know everyone will want to sing and dance to. Rotate the members of your chapter so that everyone can work together equally. Working with sisters is fun, and doesn’t feel like work at all. Make sure that sisters have equal time in all areas of the kitchen and party so that everyone gets to see the excitement of the event. This is also an excellent time for your older members to bond with newly initiated sisters!

Most universities have brand reps that would love to come promote at your event! This year we had Southern Tide come and give away products. This keeps things exciting and attracts more guests. And be sure to get these promotions approved by someone at the Executive Office Staff before moving forward!

Remember the Cause
Know that your chapter’s contributions, whatever they may be, are going to a cause that is very close to all of our hearts. Remember that the work you do is appreciated by the many connected to women’s heart health and the Alpha Phi Foundation.

Alex Hudson is a collegiate member at Gamma Eta (North Texas). Read her bio here.

November 16, 2012

Featured Product Friday: Custom Marble Gifts

Alpha Phi Marble Gifts

Unique, long-lasting keepsakes that celebrate Alpha Phi long after your college years. Screencraft Gifts' marble coasters, paperweights, key tags and magnets make great take-away items at special events, alumnae functions and fundraisers. They also make great thank you gifts for Alpha Phi supporters, your "big sister" and the entire Alpha Phi community.

To learn more about these products and pricing please call or email Jon Rousseau at 517-262-8146 or

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November 9, 2012

Collegiate Perspective: Fostering Leaders in your Chapter

Strong leadership plays an important role in the growth and development of your chapter and each chapter member. Alpha Phi has given me the honor and pleasure of holding numerous offices, and currently, I serve as the chapter president. With my term about to come to an end, I can say that I’ve learned firsthand why leadership is a vital component of your chapter.

The generic definition of leadership is “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.” But leadership isn’t solely defined as someone appointed to a position. It’s also important for those leaders to foster and develop members of their chapters to become leaders themselves. I know from personal experience that this can be done in numerous ways, a few of which are listed below.

  • Take someone under your wing. Pick a younger member in your chapter who has great potential and teach her everything you know. Be a support system for her, and better yet, a friend. Having a close and trusting relationship with someone will help foster this member into a strong leader in her own right.

  • Make all chapter members feel important and vital, even if they do not have a leadership role. Make it a point to reach out to members for advice and feedback about chapter decisions.

  • Delegate your workload and share the responsibilities of your role if it starts to feel overwhelming. Consider working on a project with a member who is not as involved in the chapter as other members. You never know the impact you may have on the course of her Alpha Phi life.

  • Praise members when they go above and beyond the minimum standards and requirements of the chapter. It is one thing to be doing what you are supposed to be doing. It is another to take it upon yourself to make sure a member know when you appreciate her for going beyond expectations. This can be a member who holds an officef position or a member who does not.

Your job as an Alpha Phi leader is to leave the chapter a better place than when you entered. This includes having your members being better than yourself. I am proud to say that one of the members I fostered is now sitting on the Panhellenic Executive board on my campus.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing members of your chapter thrive. Alpha Phi has been one of the most incredible experiences in my life. A great amount of that is rooted in my leadership roles and helping members of the chapter understand the importance of leadership in their lives. I can only hope that I’ve had the same impact on them, so they can continue to foster the new members of our chapter.

Lindsey Skaza is a collegiate member at Indiana State (Delta Pi). Read her bio here.

Featured Product Friday; "Big A" Decal from Dormify

Alpha Phi 'Big A' Decal from Dormify!

There’s a reason why wall decals are one of the hottest trends in interior design—it’s because they’re chic, easy to apply and really breathe life and color into a space. Now you can show your wall some APhi love by adding your Greek letters or your sorority symbol to a space in your sorority house, dorm room, or apartment. Dormify's greek decals are available in an assortment of colors to match your space, style, and spirit just so.

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November 6, 2012

Collegiate Perspective: More Than Just Red Dress...

For many chapters, a Red Dress Gala is the most advertised fundraiser benefitting Alpha Phi Foundation. Promoting women’s heart health really is the perfect opportunity to sport our gorgeous red dresses! However, it’s important to remember that the gala is not the only way to spread awareness surrounding Alpha Phi Foundation’s cause. Here are a few other fun philanthropy ideas for your chapter’s consideration:

King and/or Queen of Hearts
A fun and interactive event that will get your audience laughing. Have female and male competitors from each fraternity and sorority on campus compete with a talent, song or interview. Charge for the cost of tickets, consider doing a raffle, and offer donation jars as a way for the audience to vote for their favorite participant. It’s a great way to get people from other organizations involved in our philanthropy, and to find out who can “steal the hearts” of the Alpha Phi judges.

Hoops for Hearts
A four-on-four basketball tournament open to groups of men and women for a fee. People love sports, and any sort of tournament means competition for a good cause! Have some sort of incentive (trophy, medal, etc.) to award the winning team. An event like this would be easy to set up in your community, especially if you utilize the university gym or coordinate with your local YMCA as a sponsor. With enough advertising and word-of-mouth marketing, a positive turnout is very likely.

Move Your Phi’t 5K
Plan a 5K (3.1 mile) walk/run on campus or in your community. Participants pay a fee to enter. The cost can include a t-shirt for each participant (recommend at $30 fee) or you can encourage participants to raise funds to earn a t-shirt (recommend $50 minimum). Consider partnering with companies such as Target, Luna/Clif Bar and local bottlers to get food and water donated for two water stations along the route as well as the finish line. Alpha Phi Foundation unveiled some colorful and fun Move Your Phi’t artwork at Convention this summer that chapters are welcome to use. To get a FREE copy of this artwork, contact Leesa Havel at

Tour de Phi
This one will take some significant planning, but with enough time and effort, it can be done! Consider partnering with a local community sponsor or another campus organization to host a bike tour or race. Coordinate location stops on a scenic route around your university campus or town. Have signs with heart health facts placed along the course. Organizations, teams and individuals contribute or raise funds to participate, and at a certain amount to be determined by your chapter (recommend at least $50) they receive a “Tour de Phi” t-shirt. It’s also a good idea to have some sort of trophy or medal for the team or individual finishing with the fastest time.

For Alpha Phis, the fall semester of college is an extremely busy time of year. We jump right into recruitment upon returning to our chapters, and it doesn’t seem to slow down from that point on! A variety of events fill the spaces in our planners and gives us a lot more to balance than just our college courses, but be sure to make philanthropy a part of your schedule. There’s no commitment more worthwhile than this, so start planning and make women’s heart health and Alpha Phi Foundation one of your chapter’s priorities this year!

Amanda Bryant is a collegiate member at Chi chapter (Montana). Read her bio here.

November 5, 2012

Inside the EO: Fresh Faces Series

1. What is your name? Christine Griffith Johnson

2. Where are you originally from? Hudson, Ohio

3. Where did you attend college and what chapter were you a part of there? University of Illinois, Beta Alpha

4. What was your major in college? Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, Fish and Wildlife Conservation

5. What was your plan post-graduation? Did you pursue a graduate degree post-graduation? I was an Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) post-grad!

6. Why did you decide to work for Alpha Phi International Fraternity? I wanted a career where I could see the benefit of my work every day and know that I would be a valued member of a team.

7. What is your job title? Coordinator of Collegiate Member Services

8. When did you start in your current position? The middle of October.

9. What is your favorite memory of Alpha Phi—as a collegian, alumna, or staff member? Bear Pass senior year and candle pass for my engagement!

10. What do you like best about working at the Executive Office or what are you most looking forward to? I am really looking forward to connecting with more Alpha Phis, both collegians and advisors. At the EO I know I will learn something new every day, I can’t wait to take those lessons home with me!

11. What are some of your goals for the next few years? I would like to get a dog, go on my overdue honeymoon and leave a lasting positive impact on the Fraternity.

12. Do you have any advice for current collegiate members? Make all the connections you can, Alpha Phi is a lifetime membership!

November 2, 2012

Featured Product Friday: Rugby Sweatshirts from Sorority Specialties

November is finally here and what a better time to cozy up in this maroon and white striped rugby from Sorority Specialties! Featuring long sleeves and polo collar, the embroidered Alpha Phi crest stands out amid the maroon and white rugby stripes.

Prices are as follows:

  • Buy 1 for $75.00
  • Buy 12 for $65.00 each
  • Buy 36 for $60.00 each
  • Buy 60 for $55.00 each

A few notes about this item:

The product runs large. If you order 12 or more, Sorority Specialties will custom make the rugby shirts for you, which can take between 3-8 weeks. You can change the color of the rugby shirt and the logo for little or no additional charge.

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