August 12, 2012

Be the Person 2012: The Undergraduate Perspective

Kate Bradley (Iota-Wisconsin) recently attended the BE THE PERSON Conference 2012, a collaboration between Phired Up Productions and the RA Project. BE THE PERSON is an inaugural event, and this year 70 participants gathered at Loyola University to not just talk about becoming leaders, change agents, and EveryDay Heroes, but to actually learn by doing. Read about Kate's experience below and be sure to check out another recap from Atlee Matthews (Epsilon Delta-Northern Illinois). 

Kate on how BE THE PERSON 2012 will help her in the future:
I am almost certain that what I have taken away from the Be The Person Conference 2012 will impact my time as an Alpha Phi, but will also impact the rest of my life…It was a three day journey I took with complete strangers that exemplified the undying need we have to connect deeply to those around us, and to never lose sight of our highest aspirations. Mostly, Be The Person taught me to never give up on my passions in life, hold on to what I believe in, and through it all, better myself and the community around me.

Kate on what it means to be socially excellent:
To be socially excellent, you must care more, work harder and be more aware of those around you…Social excellence is about pushing outside of your comfort zone and creating a genuine connection with others. During the conference, I had one of the most honest and open conversations with a stranger on a bus and it truly opened my eyes to how easy it is to be socially excellent. All it takes is a little courage and the willingness to be excellent to change not only your life, but also the lives of the people around you.

Kate on bystander behavior:
Before the conference, I realized that bystander behavior was an issue but I never understood the implications it had on my everyday life. Often, we witness situations in which someone is being wronged and walk by with the belief that it isn’t our business getting involved and helping the victim in the situation. After Be the Person, I realized that it is our job to get involved, for you never know how badly that person who is in trouble needs someone to stand up for them. Don’t wait for someone else to step in and correct things that are wrong, it may never happen. As leaders within our Greek communities and campuses, it is our duty to be the person who intervenes and makes a change. Whether it be hazing, bullying, or something as simple as an unnecessary comment to someone you know, step in, take charge, and don’t be afraid to get into uncomfortable situations. Those people need help, and it is relatively easy to create an everlasting impact.

Kate on how to be an EveryDay Hero:
Each and every person can initiate change in his or her community. Whether it’s smiling at a stranger on the street, opening up the door for the person behind you or taking heroic action in a time of danger, it is our responsibility to assist others and offer a helping hand whenever possible. Be that person who goes against the grain, goes against the norm and helps someone in need.

Why Kate recommends taking the EveryDay Hero pledge:
Everyone has the opportunity to become an Everyday Hero and to take the pledge! It is such a simple commitment but the impact of being an Everyday Hero is incredible. As leaders within our communities, it is so important to stand up in the face of adversity and stop being a bystander. By taking the pledge each and every one of us can better ourselves, and our communities. You never know how much a small action can positively impact another’s life, as well as your own.

Please join Alpha Phi in supporting the Every׀ Day Hero Campaign by going to and taking the Every׀Day Hero Pledge.

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