April 5, 2012

Theta Delta Colony: A Founding Member's Perspective

This is such an incredibly exciting time for Alpha Phis at Creighton University.Currently, our organization is a colony, soon to be installed and receive its charter in late April! Alpha Phi is Creighton’s seventh sorority on campus, and I feel so blessed to be a member of such a diverse and wonderful group of young women.

Choosing to be a founding member was a really tough decision for many of the women in the colony. Formal recruitment is an extremely draining and reflective week, and choosing your sorority can impact the rest of your life. Alpha Phi was involved with Creighton’s formal recruitment process for the first two rounds; there was an initial round about where the Educational Leadership Consultants (pictured with Murphy below) discussed what Alpha Phi was all about, and there was also an evening dedicated to philanthropy. After these initial rounds, Alpha Phi left the formal recruitment process, inviting any women interested in becoming a founding member to leave formal recruitment as well. These women would then participate in an Alpha Phi-specific recruitment process a few weeks later.

Creighton is not short on extraordinary students, so talking to women from various organizations made it tempting join one that was already established. Their energy and enthusiasm was infectious, however, I couldn’t help but think of all of the possibilities that would remain ahead as a founding member of Alpha Phi on Creighton’s campus. I was willing to take the risk and join without knowing who exactly my sisters would be. And there was something terrifying about taking that risk. Even if Alpha Phi sounded more than wonderful, who could say if the sisterhood would be the right fit for me?

One evening during the week, I was stressing over my decision, so I called one of my best friends, the founding chapter president of Beta Theta Pi, a men’s fraternity recently established on Creighton’s campus. I wanted to know about his experience as a founding member, and if he thought it would be the right path for me. He reassured me that it was one of the best decisions he had made at Creighton. As he talked about how his hard work paid off in developing Beta as a fraternity on campus, I put myself in his place and imagined what I would be capable of doing for Alpha Phi. The possibilities seemed endless, and it seemed as though it would be a more fulfilling experience than joining an already-established organization.

The next day, signing the form that officially dropped me from the formal recruitment process was an emotional experience. I knew that choosing to be a founding member would lend a very different experience to Greek life. It’s impossible to tell at that moment if I was making the correct decision, but I thought back to the beginning of formal recruitment, when the Panhellenic president assured all of potential new members that they would end up exactly where they belonged. Two months into my experience as a founding member of the Theta Delta colony, I simply could not be happier to call Alpha Phi my home. Choosing Alpha Phi wasn’t necessarily the easiest path to take, but I think I speak for all of the women in the Theta Delta colony when I say that it has been the right--and best--decision possible.

Murphy Dowd is a collegiate member at Creighton University (Theta Delta). Read her bio here.

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