January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

We asked sisters to finish the following sentence. Listed below are 10 of our favorite responses!

My favorite Alpha Phi memory from 2011 is…

“…Getting initiated into an amazing sisterhood! Though I've only been in Alpha Phi for a few months, it has been one of the most rewarding and best experiences of my life! So proud to be an Alpha Phi!” - Kathleen Caporoso 

 “…Being given an antique pin by a fellow sister for my little dipper. By the time she's old enough to be initiated, it will be 100 years old!” - Bree Barnett Dreyfuss 

“…Learning that we are colonizing at Clemson University!” -Laura McMahon Kovacs

“…When we officially broke ground to start building the Iota Nu chapter house! As a founding member at the University of Kentucky, it has been so exciting to see everything come together over the last 3 years. Can't wait to start senior year in our new home!” -Lindsay Price Niklas 

“….The 20th anniversary of the Theta Iota chapter of James Madison University. As one of the founders of this amazing sisterhood, it was wonderful to reunite with 20+ other founding sisters as well as see the wonderful legacies who followed!” -Jennifer Gregorio Alberto 

 “… Being given the chance to participate in Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI). I connected with sisters from so many different places and showed me that there is more to Alpha Phi than my own chapter. I learned about myself and Alpha Phi as a whole and met some of the most amazing women ever. ELI made me even more proud to call myself an Alpha Phi.” -Marissa McLean 

“…Learning about our ritual in a whole new way as I served as a Silver Circle Facilitator at the Emerging Leaders Institute. Sharing our ritual and learning about the ritual with the collegians was an amazing experience and I will cherish it.” - Kristina Feher 

 “…Pinning my Alpha Phi pin on my daughter during Initiation! But a close second -- learning that Alpha Phi will re-colonize on the Creighton University campus in Omaha, Nebraska.” - Sharon Stephens Jensen 

“…During a charity date auction I organized in my home town(San Diego), in which I recruited San Diego Alpha Phi's from over 12 different schools to come and help me with the event. Even though I was just meeting some of these women for the first time we shared a bond that was so incredibly amazing it was unexplainable. We shared the bond of sisterhood. We shared the bond of Alpha Phi. That's when I realized being a part of Alpha Phi is one of the biggest blessings and it truly is something so much bigger and so much more amazing than I ever could have imagined.” - Ashley Rhame 

 “…Big/little week and Initiation. I eagerly awaited both events with a countdown and crossed off the days until each arrived. I remember being too excited to sleep after both events and they both left special imprints on my heart that I will remember forever!! I am beyond thrilled with my choice to join and I'm reminded each day how lucky I am to call myself an Alpha Phi!” Kirsten Logan 

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