November 2, 2011

Serving as a Collegian on the Committee on Leadership (COL)

The Committee on Leadership (COL) is a committee within Alpha Phi responsible for creating the slate for the International Executive Board. As a collegian serving on this committee, I have been offered a unique opportunity to work with devoted alumnae and to expand my knowledge of an organization that I care so greatly about.

As a collegiate member on the COL, I, along with Hilke Brandon (Delta Xi- Nebraska/Kearney), represent the voice and opinions of our vast collegiate membership.

The International Executive Board (IEB) is the governing body of the Fraternity between Conventions and the body that exercises general supervision of the Fraternity’s business and affairs. Understanding the duties of the IEB and the members who serve on it is integral to our Fraternity’s success.

Overall, the job of the collegians on the COL is to build relationships with alumnae and provide insightful feedback on the IEB application process. I was given the opportunity to serve on the Candidate Recruitment and Outreach Committee, offering feedback on viable social media outlets for advertising the COL application. Currently, I am assisting with the review of applications and providing feedback as a member of the Application Review Committee.

Learning about the processes that our Fraternity undertakes in slating and selecting its IEB has changed my membership in a way that no other opportunity could have done. I have built relationships with alumnae from all over the country whose collegiate experiences were nothing like my own, and for that I have grown as a person and as a member of Alpha Phi.

Katie Foster is a collegiate member at the University of Maine (Delta Nu).

*Keep an eye on Alpha Phi's website and social media outlets in the future to learn how you can apply to serve as a collegiate member on the COL.

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