November 4, 2011

Featured Product Friday: Alpha Phi Rainbow Sandals

Channel your inner sunshine with Greeks Love + Rainbow Sandals.

From Greeks Love:

Rainbow Sandals asked us, "Which sorority should we make a custom Rainbow Sandal for?"

We said, "Alpha Phi... obviously."

Greeks Love brings you the best. That's it. The only thing more exciting than the classy Alpha Phi products we bring you is the Awesome Chapter Philanthropy Program associated with our products.

Basically, if you show us some love, we'll donate money to support your philanthropy, because philanthropy is awesome.

Greeks Love


• You must receive an invitation to be eligible to order.

• Minimum order per chapter is 15.

• All orders must be in by Midnight on November 14, 2011.

• They're only available through Greeks Love (you won't find them online, in the mall or in any Greek stores).


• At 30 pairs ordered, we will give you a check for $300 for your philanthropy (because philanthropy is awesome).

• At 50 pairs ordered we will give you a check for $300 for your philanthropy AND we will give you Free Shipping.

• At 100 pairs ordered, we will give you a lifetime supply of free hugs.

Purchase Link:

Hurry and order before the November 14th deadline! After this date, Alpha Phi Rainbow Sandals won't be available until next year.

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